Miss Behave!
An interview with Jenny of Miss Behave and the Caretakers
Justin Stankus
Miss Behave and the Caretakers are a band not to be overlooked, with three of the original members of the horror-punk band The Spookshow, they decided to form a new monstrosity together with their caretakers. A brand new band, a brand new chapter, and a brand new album released this year, this band are now ready to enter the world, and conquer it. Technicolor Terror is pleased to interview Jenny and add this amazing band to our growing list. Let’s get to it! [MORE] *NEW*

Love Thorns…
An interview with Jason Trioxin of Mister Monster
Justin Stankus
Where to begin with the awesomeness that is Mister Monster? Well in late 1998, a band was formed that would come to be recognized as one of the bloodiest acts in the underworld of punk rock. Mister Monster was started by singer/guitarist Jason Trioxin. The band formed, wrote, recorded, released, and played its first show within a matter of 6 weeks of forming as a band. Audiences at the 1998 Halloween show were blown away by Mister Monster’s performance, and the band’s first release, “Songs From the Crypt,” sold out its first pressing in a matter of days. Four pressings later, the band was regularly playing New Jersey and New York City, in front of packed houses. Need I say more? Of of the greatest bands to bless the horror-punk scene, let’s get this interview started![MORE]

Just Be Still…
An interview with Tracy Byrd of A Gathering of None
Justin Stankus
A Gathering of None is a one man project that is headed by Tracy Byrd (aka TB) that now has turned into a full fledged quintet. His new project is the result of breaking molds and smashing musical boundaries and escaping the confines of just certain genres and blending them all together to bring something new to the table that everyone will enjoy whether you’re a punk, metal head, stoner, or whatever else, TB with his new band has brought something extremely refreshing. What is here is the outlet of a musician who wants to do something different and inspiring. Technicolor Terror has had the chance to chat with TB about his new band. So let’s start this interview already! [MORE]

This is a Ghoul’s Night Out!
An interview with Matt Feltwater.
Justin Stankus
The Ghouls Night Out Festivals started out in 2001 and have been a huge success since their inception and though the festival dropped out of sight for a few years, it is back, and this time it is back with a vengeance that has been hyped to an insane degree and has it being one of the most anticipated festivals of the year and with tickets selling out almost as soon as it was announced it’s safe to say that Ghouls Night Out is fucking back! I have the pleasure of interviewing Matt, the brains and creator of the beautiful monster we all know as GNO and he has some very important news that he has chosen to share with Technicolor in this interview! So goodbye to the waiting, let’s get on with it! [MORE]

Eyes Down, Eyes Stare….
An interview with Bobby of Calabrese.
Justin Stankus
Calabrese is a horror punk band from Phoenix, Arizona that formed in 2003 by Bobby (Guitar/Vocals) and Jimmy (Bass/Vocals) and they later integrated their other brother Davey (Drums) to be the final piece to the puzzle. Calabrese combines Gothabilly looks, B-movie drive-in lyrics and a Death Rock sound that is heavily influenced by bands such as The Misfits, AFI, Danzig, Samhain, horror films and Halloween. The band’s first full-length album, “13 Halloweens”, was released on Spookshow Records in 2005. Their second album, “The Traveling Vampire Show”, was released in 2007. Their latest album, “Calabrese III: They Call Us Death”, was released in 2010. Distributed in the U.S., Japan, Europe, and through the Internet, Calabrese are quickly gaining an international audience. But let us finally begin! [MORE]

I’ve Got A Taste For The Blade!
An interview with John and Bret of Beneath the Cellar
Justin Stankus
Beneath the Cellar was founded in the summer 2006 in Orange County, CA. Though the original lineup has since moved on, lead singer and guitarist and founding member Johnny Macabre still has the band marching on at a incredible and strong pace. Since the additions of bassist Chris and drummer Bret, the band has achieved a tighter sound and are currently in the studio fine tuning the new songs for the new and upcoming record. Beneath the Cellar has been one of my all time favorite horror-punk bands and I keep wondering why a band that is so good and has so much has not been signed yet. Honestly all I can say is there’s truly great things to be heard with this band, if you haven’t checked them out yet please do. For I have been a devoted fan since hearing them back in 2007. But let us finally begin! [MORE]

Demonology! We’ll Raise the Dead!
An interview with Chris Mann of The Channeling.
Justin (Apathy) Stankus
The Channeling is a force to be reckoned belting out of Orange County, CA which is headed by lead vocalist and guitar player Chris and accompanied by his bandmates Rich, Donny, and Landon. A horror based punk rock band, The Channeling have to offer you some of the best music I have heard in a long fucking time with their debut full-length, “Last Harvest” on Axe ‘N’ Head Records, which I have gone on to say and still believe, without a doubt to be the best horror-punk album of 2011 hands down. Yeah that’s right, I’m saying this stuff impressed and blew me away more than Death of a Demon’s, Blitzkid’s, or the Crimson Ghost’s newest releases. [MORE]

This is your Captain Speaking!
An interview with Captain Morgue of the Zombiesuckers!
Kevin Millikin
Hailing from Sweden, the Zombiesuckers have managed to mold their own unique blend of horror punk rock n’ roll. Combining equal parts Misfits with an aggressive, tongue in cheek dose of horror superstar Wednesday 13 to create something that’s as entertaining as it is frightening. Technicolor Terror! is pleased to give you this frightful interview with guitarist Captain Morgue of the Zombiesuckers! [MORE]

Reges Satanas!
An interview with Les Hernandez of The Quintessentials!
Justin Apathy
The Quintessentials was founded in 1998 in Honolulu, Hawaii, by Les Hernandez, formerly of The Catalogs and Crawling Chaos. The Quintessentials have appeared on numerous compilations from Hawaiian Express Records, “The Horror of it All, Volumes 2 & 3” (World Horror Network), “The Black House: a Tribute to Anton S. LaVey” (Black House Tribute Records),etc. In 2006 The Quintessentials relocated from Hawaii to Portland, Oregon, where they continue to melt faces off with their atomic sonic horror-pop punk fire from Hell! [MORE]

Pulled In By Darkness
An Interview with Chrisz Quezadii of Back To Zero
Justin Apathy
Back to Zero’s music is full of great terrifying melodies and can be heard on rue morgue radio and horror punk compilations from around the country. In 2006 Brilliance through simplicity was found with their debut album Go Go Ghouls and will only continue to grow with these ghouls, especially after the release of their horrifying 2009 masterpiece Dimension Of Fear! [MORE]

Calling All Monsters!!!
An interview with Johnny B. Morbid himself!
Justin (Apathy) Stankus
A “one man band” (on all recordings) then a five piece horror assault when playing live! This band was never supposed to leave the confines of studio walls, but when people began to take an unexpected interest in what Johnny B. Morbid had to offer, things quickly changed. It was intended to be a side project of the former vocalist of a metalcore band named In Memory Of ( but it soon took on a life of its own and cast all other musical projects into the shadows leaving Johnny B. Morbid in the spotlight. As more & more people began taking interest in this project, Johnny B. Morbid recruited 3 close friends to back him up as a live act. The rest leads up to the Johnny B. Morbid we now know and love! [MORE]

There’s No Business Like Horror Business!
An interview with Thomas of The Dead Next Door
Justin (Apathy) Stankus
The Dead Next Door is a horror-punk band from Gothenburg, Sweden that was formed by Dr. Hans Orloff (vocals and bass), Jonathan Poe (guitars), and Thomas Lovecraft (drums) in April of 2005. Their debut album, “There’s No Business Like Horror Business”, was released in March of 2008. The band is slated to release it’s very anticipated new album, “It Was Hell Down There” in the near future! This band is not to be trifled with and is definitely one of my favorites bands out of Sweden. A band that needs more recognition than they already have, I cannot say enough good things about this group and their music. If you are looking for epic horror-punk that never gets old and will keep you listening for hours on end, then look no further, because you just found them! [MORE]

By Spirits Unclean – An Interview with Alex Story
Kevin Millikin
Alex Story is one man you really don’t want to fuck with. After releasing countless records through Cancerslug, Alexinash and fronting the crushing ‘super group’ Gorgeous Frankenstein alongside ex-Misfits Doyle Wolfgang Frankenstein and Dr. CHUD is at it again with his latest outlet ‘The Ultra Creeps.’ his already impressive discography itself takes up a huge portion of my ipod. So, what follows is by far one of the best interviews with one of the most humble and well respected vocalists around today. [MORE]

Waiting for a Heartbeat with Horrorwood Ending
Kevin Millikin
So rarely has a record caught me so off guard as Horrorwood Ending’s debut full length “Waiting For a Heartbeat” had that I couldn’t turn away. Everything about the record just fits, from the lyrics the music and the vocals come together beautifully to create a melodic horror-punk massacre worthy of any horror fans record collection. Technicolor Terror and myself are honored to have had the chance to interview Horrorwood Ending who, without a doubt should be and hopefully will be up there with the likes of Blitzkid and the Misfits in the years to come! [MORE]

Justin (Nosebleed) Stankus
The Lurking Corpses formed in 2001 out of Fort Wayne, Indiana and believe me when I say that this band will rip the flesh off your bones and you will “Scream and Scream Again” as you are “Waiting To Die”. Dark and sinister horror-punk filled with influences ranging from underground legends like Mercyful Fate, Samhain, The Misfits, and even Venom. You will bare the “Mark Of The Devil” once you’ve heard Lord Vladimir Von Ghoul’s horror shriek “He Kills Night After Night”. These guys are a group that should be one of the most talked about bands when it comes to horror-punk, blending the genre flawlessly and reflecting their collective love of classic horror punk anthemic qualities as well as death and thrash metal elements added in for good measure. The Lurking Corpses will leave you begging for more, even if it means the end of your life! [MORE]


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