Technicolor Terror Presents: Zombiesuckers, “Stitched Together”

BEHOLD the vile mole people that lay hidden beneath the surface of the earth, and watch in fright as they crawl through the soil!

TREMBLE in fear as you look to the sky and glimpse the hideous space mutants as they descend from the Heavens!


Technicolor Terror and Swedish horror-punks, Zombiesuckers are proud to bring you “Stitched Together” A horrifying collection comprising two of the band’s digital EP’s, “Mole People,” and “Space Mutants” packaged in a LIMITED EDITION digipak and rounded out by a handful of unreleased acoustic cuts.

Technicolor Terror will open soon to pre-orders this MONDAY (07/13/2015)

All pre-orders will include the 7” single “CREATURES COME ALIVE” and two buttons, featuring the “Stitched Together” artwork album art and the Technicolor Terror logo!


Technicolor Terror: Splatterpunx Vol. 1

The clocks ticking, soon we will be dropping our first record in the form of a FREE compilation of some of the biggest and best names in the horror-punk scene. Take a peak at the KILLER cover art and track list.

Stay tuned, creeps.

We have some horrific things in the works and soon and will be accepting PRE-ORDERS on a record by one of the FIRST BANDS covered by Technicolor Terror!

11209449_1070864562943424_2085360695004383198_nSPLATTERPUNX VOL. 1

1. Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space – Technicolour Terror
2. Silent Horror – Mary Jo
3. Maleva – Halloween Night
4. Fifty Two Ways – 976
5. Zombina and the Skeletones – Dracula Blood Deep Vein Thrombosis
6. THEM! – Maneating Mutant Monsters
7. Children of October – Murder Is My Name
8. The Dirge – Requiem
9. Lupen Too
th – Skin All over the Place
10. They Live – Alazif
11. The Spook – One With The Devil
12. Xtian Goblyn – Wasp Waist
13. Schock – Deep 13
14. The Theatre Zombies – Dear Christine
15. Dr. Hell – I Won’t Pay For Sex With Rotten Bitches
16. Werevilsdare – Whorehound
17. Crazies – Ghost
18. Headstone Horrors – Frankenstein’s Girl
19. Shadow Windhawk and the Morticians – The Marsten House
20. The Zombie Mafia – The Bloodening
21. American Werewolves – I Spit On Your Grave

And for all you bands, our forthcoming label is currently INVITE ONLY and while we will be open for general submissions later this year, we will be paying close attention to the bands submitting. So if you’re interested and missed out, don’t fret — We will be opening submissions for Vol. 2 in August for a HALLOWEEN release!

Live Review: Electric Citizen Live, Cincinnati, 6/19/15

Electric Citizen Live, Cincinnati, 6/19/15
Kelly M. Hudson

11647357_10153391663504496_1761418709_nIt goes like this: Riff, riff, riff, Motherfucking RIFF! And the drums, colliding, cascading, pummeling, and yet always under control, alwa  ys pushing the songs to swing, so your head bangs as your ass boogies.

The bass, that sensual throb, that thumping, propulsive and yet underlying bedrock of the songs.

And the voice, oh dear god, that voice: all at once possessing the sultry witchiness of Stevie Nicks combined with that lonesome and paranoid wail of Ozzy from the early 70’s.

This was Electric Citizen in concert. 

They did a free show the other night in a nice little cool club in Cincinnati called the Northside Tavern. I have been listening to the Citizen for about a year now and my appreciation of them has steadily risen. The metal world is nearly drowning in stoner/doom/psych bands these days, a lot of them with a female singer, and the Citizen is exactly like these and so many other bands glutting the market and so they should feel stale or boring and yet…and yet… 11304079_10153391660569496_1111966727_n

Seeing them play, hearing the songs as they cascaded over the crowd, I couldn’t help but feel like I was witnessing the cusp of something great to come. It’s like I was there, right before the band went big. And will this band go big? Probably not. They’re a niche band in a niche market, but my fucking god it’s a crime if they don’t at least come to rule that niche or be considered as a part of its upper echelon. I mean, come on. The way the riffs were just pealing from the guitar (and his solos! Damn but Dolan can play!), the way the bass held it all together, the glue that kept the groove, the way the drums were so powerful and yet so melodic, and her voice, oh, her voice.

It truly was like I’d stepped into a lost and forgotten concert from the early 1970’s.

11650609_10153391660989496_158994441_nThis show was something else. I encourage you to head out and get yourself some Electric Citizen. You can find everything you want at from a video to links to buy their record and t-shirts and the like. I encourage you to do so. The underground always needs your help.

Electric Citizen is:

Ross Dolan (guitar)

Laura Dolan (vox)

Nick Vogelpohl (bass)

Nate Wagner (drums)

The Slayer Dilemma

The Slayer Dilemma
Kelly M. Hudson

11653418_10153391647404496_891673634_nSo, Slayer has a new single out.

A brutal new album is on its way.

We’re talking Slayer, man, the Kings of Heavy, the Masters of Metal. I should be excited, right? I should be thrilled. This is an event. A New Slayer Record!

But I am not. In fact, I could give a shit.

Will I get it? Yeah. I’m a sucker. I still love Slayer but honestly, I don’t care if they ever put out another new album. I think they’ve done their thing and at this point, it’s all just repetition. I mean, they’re not going to out-do the ferocity of Reign in Blood. They’re not going to be able to top the monumental thrash epics South of Heaven and Seasons in the Abyss (for my money, easily their finest albums). Hell, they’re not even going to be able to climb as high as the tepid Divine Intervention, are they? What has Slayer given us, exactly, after that opening salvo of the five original, classic albums? Up and down music, that’s what. They’ve been repeating themselves. Sometimes it’s been okay (Divine Intervention, Diabolus in Musica) and sometimes it’s been shit (God Hates us All, Christ Illusion). And once it was pretty damned good (World Painted Blood).

Slayer is at half-mast at this point. Their best songwriter and guitarist is dead (yeah, you read that right) and the finest metal drummer in maybe history was given the boot because of Mr. Gene Simmons, er, I mean, Kerry King. So we’re left with half the band we used to have. And to be honest, listening to the early singles they’ve released, the songs themselves are just fine. The only problem is they’re…well, nothing new. They hit that spot long ago where they became AC/DC or Motorhead. And that’s no insult. They are a recognizable and quantifiable product. When you hear them, you know it’s Slayer. They never sold their fans out (they flirted with doing so, they sure did, but they never stepped over the line, at least in my estimation) like some thrash titans have (*cough*cough* Metallica). So kudos to them. They may be a two-legged dog now, but they’ve stayed true. That’s more than commendable, that’s admirable. It’s just, we’ve reached that point where anything new by them is going to be, nine times out of ten, redundant.

Listen for yourself:

Those songs aren’t bad. But they’re stale. And you know what?

That’s okay. Thank god we still get some form of Slayer. Let’s just not act like a new album is that big of a deal.

Lupen Tooth: Complete Discography is FREE!

UK based horror-punk band Lupen Tooth recently released their complete discography on Bandcamp for free! The band is fronted by one of the most hardest working men in the horror business, Tommy Creep. If you don’t believe me, give him a quick search over the interwebs.

And on an interesting side note, Creep’s record label, Graveyard Calling has one of the most diverse and thought provoking roster of artists. If you don’t believe me, give it a look and see because without question, GYC needs your immediate attention.

It should come as no surprise that Lupen Tooth will be featured on our upcoming SPLATTERPUNK compilation.

“Amo os Mortos” Split with Dr. Murder

“Strawberries & Cream”

Pray for Daylight (single)

“First Bites”

1476 – “Edgar Allan Poe: A Life Of Hope & Despair”

a4060488405_10Artist: 1476
Album: Edgar Allan Poe: A Life Of Hope & Despair
Label: Seraphim House
Format: Physcial/Digital

Track Listing

1. A Circle Of Hope & Despair
2. Extraction Environs
3. Little Love Voice
4. A Circle Is Eternal
5. Illness Environs
6. Death Environs
7. Gutter Death Posture
8. A Circle Of Guilt & Grief


Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.”

– Edgar Allen Poe

1476 is a New England-based project of Neil DeRosa and Robb Kavjian. Self-described as Hermetic Death Rock, they released their first full-length album, “A Wolf’s Age” in early 2010, an ambitious and heavy indie rock release with hints of death rock, post punk, and shoegaze and released more since. The subject matter courses through occult and mythological themes as well as loves and lives lost.  I don’t consider 1476 to be a horror-punk band or even gothic as their music has evolved and changes so much that I don’t even bother trying to put a label to their sound.  It’s just 1476.

Their newest and upcoming release, “Edgar Allan Poe: A Life Of Hope & Despair” which is released on Oct. 31st is a must for any horror-punk/goth/dark morbid fan.  This album, or “soundtrack” is dedicated to non other than the great Edgar Allen Poe.  Each track has to do with certain events in Poe’s life and it’s something that makes each track special and you can feel the album progresses along.  The album itself is fully instrumental with the with the exception of a spoken portion of, “Deep In Earth” written by Poe in, “Extraction Environs” and some lyrics in, “A Circle Is Eternal”.

Not concentrating on his literary works, the album music aims to explore the melancholic & quaint life, love, and death of Poe and you can feel it as the album goes along.  It’s a very melodic, melancholy, and dark.  An album which upon receiving has had multiple plays on my iPod and is something that you’ll find hard to put down.  That fact that each track has to do with a certain point in Poe’s life is something incredibly special and makes each track that much more powerful.  For example my favorite track, “Little Love Voice” has to do with Poe’s wife Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe.  Edgar and Virginia were first cousins and though most looked at their eventual marriage with disdain, it’s believed their love was pure.  The eventual death of his wife had a substantial effect on Poe, who became despondent and turned to alcohol to cope. Her death are believed to have affected his poetry and prose, where dying young women appear as a frequent motif in his work.  This album exposes that and personally the music is so powerful that you almost feel that this is exactly how Poe felt throughout his life.

If you are a fan of Poe’s work and just into dark stuff this is a must pick up, the whole album being instrumental is a huge plus as I’m a sucker for good instrumentals.  If you haven’t already pre-ordered the album you simply must and if not be sure to pick it up when the album drops this Hallow’s Eve!  You will not be disappointed, this is a phenomenal album and one that I personally believe Poe would be proud to hear.  I hope you all enjoyed the read and be sure to pick this album up, it’s a must.

– Justin

Edgar Allen Poe
(January 19th, 1809 – October 7th, 1849)

Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe
(August 15th, 1822 – January 30th, 1847)

The Theatre Zombies – “In Early Mourning”

10168004_776815382343833_3232095390238792855_n Artist: The Theatre Zombies
 Album: In Early Mourning
 Format: CD/Digital

1. Dorsia
2. Stitch Me Together
3. Bring Me The Bride
4. Riding in Circles
5. Belfry Reverie
6. Zombies!  Whoa oh!
7. Under the Boardwalk
8. Dormant Souls
9. Frozen Heart
10. Dear Christine



I remember first hearing about these guys at GNO ’13 which also happened to be my first time seeing them.  Obviously I had never heard the band before and so I looked them up and I cannot stress how happy I did.  This is a band that ANY horror-punk fan needs to hear and check out.  I have listened to the first two albums to the point I know the whole albums word for word even if it’s not playing.  I received my copy of their newest album, “In Early Mourning” by frontman/guitarist/awesome guy Rob and I’ve been listening to it constantly.  I’ve been listening to The Theatre Zombies for a good while now and every album they put out just keeps getting better and better and you’ll find the same on this album.  I haven’t been disappointed.

I personally think that in given time these guys will get to the top ranks of horror punk.  Songs like Dorsia, Stitch Me Together, Riding In Circles, Belfry Reverie, and Frozen Heart (my favorite) it’s hard to put this album down and I didn’t do so for a very long time.  That being said, all the other songs on this album are great as well, I just find myself listening to these the most.  It’s fast, melodic, cussing, in your face, and straight up horror-punk at its finest.

I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more from The Theatre Zombies in the coming years and I personally cannot wait to see what else they haver in store for us.  I really look forward to seeing them play live again, hopefully GNO 15???  I would love to hear some of these new songs live. I highly suggest and advise any fan of horror punk or just punk rock in general to check out this album and band.  Pick up this album and everything else they’ve put out and add it to your growing collection.

– Justin