Meet the Creeps!

Kevin Millikin

Kevin Millikin is the co-founder of Technicolor Terror and can trace his obsession back to the Misfits and Night of the Living Dead (’68). He is a man of many hats: Husband, father of two girls, and horror novelist. When he’s not forced to watch Disney cartoons with his children, he works for a medical supply company that DOES NOT sell split dogs or cadavers with perfect teeth.

Justin Stankus

Justin Terrell
(Graphic Design)

Justin Terrell founder and artist extraordinaire for Azarath Designs. Has been punk’n and Rollin’ for 20 years and still keepin’ it true to the cause. Horror and punk colliding was the best thing to happen. Known to the kids in the Horror Punk scene as “Justin Schock” he has Taking roles with in as an artist but also musician playing a number of bands now, solo musician running all the bits for Schock. Now older,diabetic, a father, he still keeps it real in the scene giving full love and respect to those in it to pass to the next generation of punk rock and horror rock kids.

Kelly M. Hudson
(Staff Writer)


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