First thoughts: Eli Roth’s “KNOCK KNOCK” trailer

Eli Roth’s jungle cannibal flick, Green Inferno appears to be in official limbo, it’s studio (World View Entertainment) pulling it prior to its September 5th, 2014 release. While I have never been much of a fan for Roth’s films, his contributions to the extreme horror genre have been nothing less then generous, ushering sex, blood, and gore to the mainstream masses. And strange enough, mainstream America seems to welcome it with open arms.

Green Inferno looked different. It looked good. Now as it were, we have to wait. This is Hollywood, so it’s not a matter of if it will be released. It’s a matter of when.

In the mean time, the trailer hit for Roth’s next picture, “Knock Knock” staring Keanu Reeves hit a few days ago. Watch the trailer below. I’m still on the fence, but I’ll watch with baited breath, but in the meantime it looks like there’s no one home.



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