The Theatre Zombies – “In Early Mourning”

10168004_776815382343833_3232095390238792855_n Artist: The Theatre Zombies
 Album: In Early Mourning
 Format: CD/Digital

1. Dorsia
2. Stitch Me Together
3. Bring Me The Bride
4. Riding in Circles
5. Belfry Reverie
6. Zombies!  Whoa oh!
7. Under the Boardwalk
8. Dormant Souls
9. Frozen Heart
10. Dear Christine



I remember first hearing about these guys at GNO ’13 which also happened to be my first time seeing them.  Obviously I had never heard the band before and so I looked them up and I cannot stress how happy I did.  This is a band that ANY horror-punk fan needs to hear and check out.  I have listened to the first two albums to the point I know the whole albums word for word even if it’s not playing.  I received my copy of their newest album, “In Early Mourning” by frontman/guitarist/awesome guy Rob and I’ve been listening to it constantly.  I’ve been listening to The Theatre Zombies for a good while now and every album they put out just keeps getting better and better and you’ll find the same on this album.  I haven’t been disappointed.

I personally think that in given time these guys will get to the top ranks of horror punk.  Songs like Dorsia, Stitch Me Together, Riding In Circles, Belfry Reverie, and Frozen Heart (my favorite) it’s hard to put this album down and I didn’t do so for a very long time.  That being said, all the other songs on this album are great as well, I just find myself listening to these the most.  It’s fast, melodic, cussing, in your face, and straight up horror-punk at its finest.

I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more from The Theatre Zombies in the coming years and I personally cannot wait to see what else they haver in store for us.  I really look forward to seeing them play live again, hopefully GNO 15???  I would love to hear some of these new songs live. I highly suggest and advise any fan of horror punk or just punk rock in general to check out this album and band.  Pick up this album and everything else they’ve put out and add it to your growing collection.

– Justin



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