Robby Bloodshed – Vile Carnality

1174949_707113609314982_623378415_nArtist: Robby Bloodshed
Album: Vile Carnality
Label: Unsigned
Format: CD/Digital

Track Listing

1. Withdrawal
2. Infatuation
3. Pest
4. Per Aspera Ad Inferni (Ghost)

Robby Bloodshed is a solo project straight out of a mad laboratory in New Jersey, of course, aren’t they all!?  Robby has been fighting for quite a long time in the horror-punk scene and have accomplished a lot within that time.  Having shared the stage with many recognizable acts such as Joey Belladonna, Agent Orange, The Casualties, Blitzkid, Stellar Corpses, Nim Vind, The Independents, Mister Monster, Michale Graves, Vagora, The Big Bad, Dr. Chud, Sardonica, Darrow Chemical Company, and many more!  As well as already releasing over 4 E.P.’s and two full-lengths this guy is just getting started and at such an early age I see nothing but good and bright things in this guys future.  When we were approached to do a pre-release review of, “Vile Carnality” we were stoked.

In all honesty that’s much to say about it, not that it’s a bad thing because everything and anything I tell you about this release is going to be nothing but good things.  All the songs are amazing, the instruments are clear, solid, and on point, the vocals are great, the recording and production are amazing especially for someone that’s unsigned.  Which reminds me, why is it that this guys isn’t signed yet?  Seriously, if you’re reading this and have a record label, you’d be an idiot not to sign this guy.  My favorite songs off the release being , “Pest” just being so catchy and the guitar is awesome and I love it on this track and I find my finger pressing that repeat button every time it finishes.  Of course there is also my other favorite, Robby’s cover of Ghost’s, “Per Aspera Ad Inferni” I could go over this cover for hours.  I personally feel that Robby stays so true to the song yet at the very same time brings his own style and uniqueness to the song.  I feel that this version has even more power and emotion behind it than the original (yes you read that right).

In closing there’s nothing about this release that I don’t like, everything is solid, all the songs are awesome, the cover is amazing.  If you pre-ordered this E.P. you’re in for a treat as it’s awesome and love at first listen.  If you’ve been debating about it, then I definitely suggest picking it up.  This is a E.P. that you will find yourself coming back to time and time again.  No gripes, this release has got Technicolor Terror’s vote.  Two thumbs up bud.  Awesome E.P.

– TT


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