Review: Argyle Goolsby – “Under The Witness Stars”

Album: Under The Witness Stars
Format: Digital/CD
Label: A Corpse With No Name

Track Listing
1. Last House on the Left
2. The East Wing
3. Washer at the Ford
4. Shadows of Night

He is the one spoken of in legend, this mysterious creature of the dark is the infamous and one and only Argyle Goolsby known for his time in Blitzkid, Gorgeous Frankenstein, and 1476!    Gools is back with a brand new EP that is ready to make anyone who listen servants to his will.  When the opportunity came for Technicolor Terror to do a pre-release review of his incredibly awaited EP, “Under The Witness Stars” I was jumping in my seat in excitement and had my roommates thinking I was probably having a seizure.  This is an EP that I don’t think I have ever waited so long for since probably Blitzkid’s, “Apparitional” and believe me when I say it doesn’t fucking disappoint.

Though the EP is short (only being 4 songs in length) I believe that this is some of Goolsby’s finest work and in my mind definitely surpasses his last EP, “A Dream Not Quite Remembered”.  Starting out with Last House on the Left which is an instant punk rock punch to the face just warming you up for what’s next.  The icing on the cake would definitely have to be Washer at the Ford which I definitely believe is the best song on this EP and my favorite.  Having to do with the Irish myth that the “Washer at the Ford” who wanders near deserted streams where she washes the blood from the grave-clothes of those who are about to die. It is said that these spirits are of women who died giving birth and are now doomed to do this work until the day their lives would have normally ended.  This is a song that has been playing on my iPod absolutely non-stop.  Also songs like Shadows of Night that has a very slow and darker tone that almost brings up death-rock or even early new wave. 

I truly cannot express how good this EP is and how much I enjoy it as I have absolutely nothing bad to say about it.  Once you get your hands on it I’m sure you will not let it go and will feel the same way as I do.  It seriously is that good.  I mean the only thing I can complain about or even have a gripe about is that I wish there was at least 1 or 2 more songs but I’m not going to complain because these 4 songs will keep calling back to you and you’ll find yourself listening to these songs over and over and over.  So there you have it, this is my review and thought on Goolsby’s newest EP and as I stated earlier, you wont hear anything bad from me about this release.  I’ve been listening to it non-stop and am still so happy I got early access to it.  No offense to any bands at GNO but this EP is the very first thing you have to buy when you get there.  Beer can come later, storm that merch room and demand and then buy this EP as soon as you can.

– Justin Stankus


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