Review: The Quintessentials – “Realm of the Great Old Ones”

Artist:  The Quintessentials
Album:  Realm of the Great Old Ones
Label:  Hawaiian Express Records (Psychical) / Infernal Records (Digital)

Disc 1
Woe to the Vanquished! | Al-Jilwah | Mail-Order Junkie | Demonica | Allie was a Scab | P.C. Game | The Devil’s Henchmen | Time | Jerkface | Midnight in the Black House | Nu’uanu Nightmare | The Time is Now! | Pan the Great! | Baby’s in Love | Scrunchy | Bubble Gum & Soda Pop | Love Bleeds Terror | The Hallowed Eve

Disc 2
Inferno | Drop Dead Gorgeous | A Better World | The Life For Me | Shannon was a Psycho | Graveyard Ghoul | Marie Infinity | Constipated Nation | Color My Rainbow Black | The Rats in the Walls | Rege Satanas! | Punk Rock Heroes | Tenth Key Willed | That Girl | Satanic Revolution | Under the Crescent Moon | The Horror Never Ends! | It’s In My Belly

This year has definitely been more than kind to the genre of horror-punk with new releases by Calabrese, and The Other along with the soon to be infamous festival Ghouls Night Out X and of course there is also Blitzkid’s farewell tour here in the US.  This will definitely and without a doubt be a summer to remember for horror fans and the horror-punk genre.  But amongst all these things there was something I was impatiently waiting for…more so than all the others, and that something my friends, is The Quintessentials new double album, “Realm of the Great Old Ones”!

The Quintessentials have been one of my favorite bands for awhile now and it’s hard to simply state reasons of why that is.  I definitely consider the group to be one of a handful of bands that have been able to push the boundaries of horror-punk and where it can go (my opinion), like other bands such as the Cryptkeeper Five, Green Goblyn Project, The Browns, etc.  Maybe with me being a Satanist it was finding a flat out Satanic punk band I could listen to and relate to and not have to listen only to Venom haha.  Maybe it was the band’s ability to blend two of my favorite sub-genres of punk rock, pop and horror-punk together.  Maybe it’s the band’s sound that makes them sound like The Ramones of today.  I could go on but the list of reasons is endless and I’m here to talk about their new album and why you should pick it up, so lets get to it!

As I stated previously I anticipated this album more so than Calabrese or The Other’s new releases and believe me when I tell you that this album doesn’t disappoint!  For starters it’s a double album (rare these days) with the first disc filled with brand new Satanic power pop/horror-punk hellfire tunes for your pleasure and then to top it off it comes with a second disc with completely remastered and redone versions of countless other Quintessentials classics from the bands first debut album, “The Horror Never Ends…” which just increases the listening the pleasure as there is nothing more than hearing new/updated versions of some of my favorite songs.  You can think of it as The Quintessentials very own, “Anatomy of Reanimation Vol. 1”.

This album has about everything I love in a horror-punk release and everything I love about pop-punk.  The recording is beautiful, the guitar is in full pop-punk swing, the bass makes sure you recognize it’s presence, the drums that every punk rocker grew up listening to and loves is pounding furiously throughout the album and the snotty in your face pop-punk vocals are the icing of this punk rock masterpiece.  This band blends pop and horror amazingly and brings to mind pop-punk bands such as Screeching Weasel, The Queers, The Ramones, and The Lillingtons while also bringing to mind horror-punk bands such as The Suicide Ghouls, The Browns, early Misfits, The Pink Skulls, and The Reanimated.  Instant classics such as, “The Devil’s Henchmen”, “Nu’uanu Nightmare” (my favorite), “Bubble Gum & Soda Pop”, and “The Hallowed Eve” will this album a hard one to put down and shows you that beautiful blend of horror and pop punk mixed together to create something special.

The Quintessentials definitely did all the right things with this album and I can honestly say that the wait while long was well worth it.  This is an album that even if you’re not a horror-punk fan you can get into and same goes for if you’re not a pop-punk fan, and trust me, you don’t have to be a Satanist to enjoy what guys bring to your stereo.  This album without any hesitation gets a 10/10 and I highly stress picking this up as I can’t say enough about it, just get the album and the music speaks for itself.  Any fan of PUNK ROCK PERIOD will love this album.  I truly hope you enjoy the album as much as I do and thank you for reading.

– Justin Stankus



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