Review: Dr. Geek and the Freakshow – “The Wolfman…And Other Stories From The Lab”

  Artist: Dr. Geek and the Freakshow
  Album: The Wolfman…And Other Stories From The Lab
  Format: CD
  Label: Unsigned
Track Listing
1. Intro
2. Back From The Dead
3. Judy
4. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
5. Vampires (The Truth)
6. Wolfman
7. Missy is Missing (Miss Graveyard Pt. II)
8. Punks Undead
9. House Of Wax
10. Mina Harker


I usually have a hard time starting out a review if you can believe that or not.  But not this time!  I’ll first start off by giving a big thank you to Germany for the countless gothic and undead gems you have provided us during the years!  Dead Unites, The Other, The Crimson Ghosts, The Dead End Guys, The Fright, Dr. Geek and the Freakshow, etc.  I could go on, but again, I simply want to say thank you.

Now with that small piece of business out of the way it’s time to get to the review.  I’ll be start out by being straight and direct and to the point.  I LOVE this album and I can’t emphasize that enough, I really can’t.  Any fan of Blitzkid, The Other, The Fright, Calabrese, Horrorwood Ending, etc. is going to love what this band and album have to bring to the table and is quickly going to become a must have for you horror collection.  Honestly sometimes I really hate doing reviews because I feel that like no matter what I write it will always come up short or not give the album the proper credit that the album I am writing about deserves which is the exact situation right now.  It’s a little short which is really my only gripe I have with it for I definitely would have loved to have another 3 or 4 songs on the album, but that hasn’t stopped it from being one of my favorite and most played albums.  I already know all the lyrics by heart and you already know that’s love when you know an album so well.

As I stated previously this is definitely a horror-punk band and album and yet, Dr. Geek and the Freakshow also bring bring something fresh musically although it may not be too obvious to everyone.  When listening to the album I can’t help but feel a Oi! punk influence in some of the tunes that brought to mind other beloved Oi! punk bands I love such as Germany’s own Oxymoron, or Discipline.  Whether this was just coincidence or was done on purpose is unknown to me, but something I enjoyed immensely nonetheless.  The guitar makes me smile from start to finish and is probably my favorite thing about the album, it’s so solid and with tracks like, “Back From The Dead”, “Vampires”, and “Wolfman” it makes this album very powerful and something that is very hard to put down.  The album is also extremely melodic but not to a pop-punk degree, but it definitely brings to mind bands like Robot Monster’s own Horrorwood Ending, Balzac, and even Bad Religion.

In closing this an must have album for your collection in my opinion and I highly suggest picking it up.  It’s highly addictive from start to finish and these guys definitely know what they’re doing.  This album is dark, melodic, catchy, and a joy all the way through.  I really can’t say anything more except for what I have already stated which is that I thoroughly enjoyed and love this album and cannot wait to see what else this band has in store for us.  Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the album as much as I do!

– Justin


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