The Casket Creatures – “Tales from the Unknown”

Astist: The Casket Creatures
Label: Unsigned
Track Listing

1. Intro of the Unknown
2. Bad 2 Hearse
3. Not Forgotten
4. Sweet Screams
5. Tales of Agnes
6. Agnes
7. Gore On The Dancefloor
8. 2 4 5 Trioxin
9. Candarian
10. Say Goodbye to Sunlight
11. Tale Of The Beast
12. Bark Of The Beast
13. Evil Comes Home

So where and what to say to start off this review?  Well…let’s just start it off by sating that this album is a fucking epic listen!!  The Casket Creatures’ new full-length entitled, “Tales from the Unknown” does not disappoint and is one of the best unknown gems I have heard in a long time.  I only received this masterpiece about two days ago, maybe less, and let me tell/stress that since hearing it the first time round that songs have been played on repeat multiple times, the album itself has been played over and over, shit I’ve even gone to bed the past two nights listening and finally passing out to the album on repeat.  It’s that good.  Seriously though, this album has so much going for it, the vocals are excellent and some of the best I’ve heard since Beneath the Cellar, I am in fucking love with the guitars on this album, and the bass and drums are also quite solid while the recording is incredible for an unsigned band.

Something else that I adore on this album is that it is truly a “horror-punk” album, it’s scary from beginning to end.  It’s something I have noticed more and more every time I listen to the album.  The bands stays on that scary raw edge yet still keeping that melodic sound and still being able to sway away from going too soft on us which (in my opinion) I think most horror-punk bands are leaning more towards now, most band (in my opinion again) never or always never seems to have any shortage of scary/horror themed lyrics but musically I feel some of that horror is lost musically.  The Rosedales, later Blitzkid, Nim Vind, 1476, etc. for some examples, fuck I’m not knocking any of those bands by the way, I love everyone of them dearly!

This band and album reminds me a lot of old school Blitzkid, Wednesday 13, and a tinge of Balzac (musically of course haha) but still keeping there own unique sound and originality.  I think the only gripe I have with this album if anything is all the intros, I love the first track and it doesn’t bother me and I understand that they’re trying to portray the album as a story which is awesome and unique.  But I feel this way because I would rather have had these intros replaced with more badass tunes from the band.  But with songs like, “Bad 2 Hearse”, “Agnes (my favorite)”, “Gore On The Dancefloor”, “2 4 5 Trioxin”, “Bark of the Beast”, and “Evil Comes Home” it’s very easy for me to overlook this one and only gripe I have.  In conclusion I have to say that “Tales from the Unknown” is a gem that I feel any horror-punk fan will find something to enjoy, sure they aren’t Calabrese, Blitzkid, or Mister Monster but that’s something I love about these guys and this album.  It’s something new and refreshing to listen to, I highly and stress highly that you should go pick up this album for it will have something for any horror-punk fan to enjoy, young or old.  It is sure to do nothing but please you and it is easily becoming one of my favorite albums in my collection!

– Justin Stankus


One response

  1. larry howard

    I’m biased because the lead singer is my son. But the casketcreatures are a blast to watch live. And I’m glad that they are reviewed in a positive light which is something I have known for some time. Poppa is proud. Thanks

    November 14, 2011 at 3:21 pm

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