Werevilsdare – “Full Moon Fury”

  Album: Full Moon Fury
  Label: Zodiac Killer Records

Track Listing
1. Satanik A Go-Go
2. Full Moon Fury
3. Cycle Of The Wolf
4. Together We Own The Dark
5. Race With The Devil
6. Return Of The Living Dead
7. Episode 13
8. The Dead Zone
9. American Werewolf
10. Scream Queens
11. Forgotten & Dead
12. Days Full Of Night
13. Sometimes They Come Back

Like Surf?  Like Horror-Punk?  Like fucking Rockabilly!?  Ever wish you could get all three blended and beautifully melted together!?  Look no further my precious fiends because here is that epic album/band that has mutated all three into an amazing hybrid all their own.  Werevilsdare hits you square in the face with something brand new and fresh to the genre that makes this album almost impossible to put down once picking it up, fuck I’m even listening to it right now, and that’s not a selling gimmick!  I have not been able to take this album off my iPod since Mark shared their video for their epic song, “Return Of The Living Dead” back who knows when.  I’m surprised my iPod hasn’t exploded yet from the multiple repeats of this album.

This album has so many good things going for it which makes it an irresistible musical treat for any fan.  I personally like the semi-raw recording which in my mind makes the music all the sweeter, and fuck isn’t that how punk rock is supposed to be!?  I absolutely am in love with the guitar in this record, it’s so solid and with songs like, “Return Of The living Dead”, “Episode 13”, “Full Moon Fury”, and “Days Full Of Night” I can’t help but pump my fist to every song while jamming to myself or driving in the car and making everyone think I’m a retard haha.  But wait that’s not all!  Remember how I was telling you all about how this awesome band was able to blend those three important elements together?  Yes?  Good!  Because that is another big thumbs up on this record and to the people that pick this up, it has something for everyone whether you’re a diehard horror-punk fan like I am, a rockabilly kid, or a surf junkie.  Any fan of horror is going to enjoy what Werevilsdare has to offer and bring to the table.  Mark’s vocals is the icing on the cake for me on this album, it’s something you don’t expect on this record and it even caught me off guard.  There’s no Elvis rockabilly hybrid wanna be to be heard and there isn’t the melodic soft vocals of most horror punks bands nowadays.  Instead we are treated to a snotty rough powerful singer filled with emotion doing his own thing which is one of my favorite things about the album.

In closing really all I can say is you truly must be missing a large chunk of your brain if not all of it if you skip on the opportunity to pick up this record.  This is the record any horror fan dreams of and I can’t say enough good things about it, in fact you wont find me saying anything bad about it.  It’s play through value is amazing, every song is addictive and I could play this album all day long on repeat and not get tired of hearing it.  There isn’t one song I don’t like, the cover-art is fucking epic, the band name is awesome and clever.  Fuck this shit is good.  Pick up this album right now, go jump into your hot rod, motorcycle, or hearse, pick up a fine young lady buy all the booze you can and blast Episode 13 as loud as you can and prepare for the night of your life.

– HS, Justin (Nosebleed) Stankus


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