Review: Toxic Zombie – “Poison The Airwaves”

1. Poison The Airwaves
2. Season of Nightmares
3. Everyday Is Halloween
4. Vulgar Acts
5. Dead Ted
6. Is That All You Got
7. Gypsy
8. Black Days
9. Killer On The Loose
10. Split
11. Hole In Your Soul
12. What Dreams May Come
13. Coming After You
14. Toxic Zombies
15. You’ve Survived
16. Billy Likes Beer

When I think of horror-punk and the West Coast, one name comes to mind, California.  Never is there any shortage of psych0/rock-a-billy/horror-punk/street punk/ANY punk to be found in the state.  Which is why I think most bands on our country’s ass end get overlooked if they don’t reside within California.  For me, it all started in the great North West when I found an amazing band, The Quintessentials out of Oregon.  Heard of them?  If you haven’t you should.  But anyway, it was then that I realized I was missing out on an awesome yet unknown horror scene that didn’t involve California, hard to believe I know.  I was bombarded with bands like The Quintessentials as you already know, the Gruesome Boys, Church For Sinners, Dead Vampires, Schoolyard Heroes, and of course Toxic Zombie!

Instantly starting off with an epic intro to the album, “Poison The Airwaves” this album lets you immediately know what you’re about to be getting into.  With this band there is hardly anything to pick at when it comes to something I don’t like and I’m fucking serious.  I love the harmonizing and vocals on the album and the guitar is incredible with solos that could rival/put any metal band to shame.  But what blows me away the most is the drumming, maybe because I play the drums?  I don’t know, but they speak to me, they’re crisp and clean and it’s one of the many things that makes me love this album as much as I already do!  With amazing songs all around, some of my favorites being, “Season Of Nightmares”, “Everyday Is Halloween”, “Dead Ted”, “Gypsy”, “Black Days”, “Split”, “Toxic Zombies” (my favorite), and of corse “Billy Likes Beer”.  This alone should be a testament to how good this album is when more than half the songs on the album all challenge for my favorite song, and even the songs I didn’t list are still fucking amazing.  Just do yourself a favor, go check out this band, show them the support they deserve, and get your hands on this album because it’s fucking epic!

– Justin (Nosebleed) Stankus


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