Review: The Quintessentials – “The Horror Never Ends”

Track Listing
1. Inferno
2. Drop Dead Gorgeous
3. A Better World
4. The Life For Me
5. Shannon Was A Psycho
6. Graveyard Ghoul
7. Marie Infinity
8. Constipated Nation
9. Color My Rainbow Black
10. The Rats In The Walls
11. Rege Satanas!
12. Punk Rock Heroes
13. Tenth Key Willed
14. The Girl
15. Satanic Revolution
16. Under The Crescent Moon
17. The Horror Never Ends
18. It’s In My Belly

  When I think of horror-punk, two bands come to mind, The Misfits and Balzac.  These bands were the very first bands in this genre I had ever heard when I was still an adolescent punk rock skater prick, and come to think of it Balzac was only the third punk band I had ever heard at the time in general, with only G.B.H. and The Misfits proceeding them.  My first encounter with Satan’s hellfire (The Quintessentials) was a few years back while searching through horror-punk bands in maybe 2003-2004 I think it was?  Shit I don’t remember, but at this point in time, I already knew all the big names in the horror scene, like The Rosedales, Blitzkid, Calabrese, Crimson Ghosts, The Other, Koffin Kats, The Misifts, etc.  But The Quintessentials started my obsession with horror-punk and even planted the first seeds in my later interest in Satanism.

But on to the album that changed my life when it came to horror-punk that is.  I looked at this badass fucking cover with a huge ass pentagram entitled, “The Horror Never Ends” and instantly ordered it (overnighted), needless to say my family was displeased with what I picked out, especially my mother when she opened the mail while I was at school.  When I first heard the album I was in shock and awe, I mean when I ordered this cd I was expecting something like Blitzkid or something in the same vein to come out of my speakers.  But what I got was horror-pop-punk, that’s right horror-pop-punk!  I had never experienced this before, sure now I’ve heard bands like The Browns, or The Groovie Ghoulies but this was my first encounter with it and something I had never heard before.  It was like listening to a snottier yet more melodic Sloppy Seconds, and at first it was so different I really couldn’t get into it.

But let me be the first to say that a few listens can make all the difference!  After spinning this record a couple of times I was hooked and there was no throwing me back.  It was so awesome to hear a band doing something completely different that didn’t sound like every other band and hearing a band that wasn’t interested in sounding just like The Misfits.  I also loved hearing a band that tackled and attacked something I hated with a burning passion ever since I was a boy, religion.  After my mother, a devout and pious Catholic who I love very much and miss to this day died of lung cancer I lost what little faith I may have had in religion and a hatred in God and all religion came to the surface the day she passed, and this album helped me so much in this part of my life.  Kind of cheesy I know, but this band and album really help pull me through a dark time in my life and I have to thank them for that.

Great fucking Satanic horror-pop-punk, this band is utterly amazing and in my mind should absolutely be on the same level as bands such as Blitzkid or Calabrese.  Just how much I have written about this album should be a testament to how good it is.  This is an album that is still my favorite of all the ones the band has released so far.  If you like pop punk, horror, satan, punk rock, or anything macabre then you have to pick up this cd.  With favorites such as “Inferno”, Graveyard Ghoul”, “Drop Dead Gorgeous”, “Shannon Was A Psycho”, “Color My Rainbow Black”, “Rege Satanas”, “Satanic Revolution”, and “The Horror Never Ends” it’s hard to put this album down.  I mean right there is more deserve of praise, when almost half the songs on the cd qualify for my favorite song then you know it’s a rare gem, and there’s still another half of the cd I didn’t even list.  This cd is so good, and a must have for any horror fan, I can’t praise this band or album enough.  Look up this band, show them some goddamn support and buy this album, you wont regret it!

– HS, Justin (Nosebleed) Stankus


3 responses

  1. Sandy Man

    Grave Robber is better, and they’re a christian horror punk band. Satanism isn’t my thing and never will be. I’m not saying that it’s like this with all satanist, but they come off as really arrogant, more so than catholics. I also don’t find the hatred of all religion appealing.

    June 22, 2011 at 8:42 am

  2. nosebrah

    I know who Grave Robber is and although a great band, I love and have always loved The Quintessentials more. As far as Satanism goes, if you don’t like it then cool because I don’t care. People don’t give Satanism a chance or are too quick to judge because they’re arrogant assholes that don’t know anything about it. Not saying you are, just that’s how people in general are. As far as religion goes, I hate it all and find it very appealing, religion is to blame for almost everything that’s gone wrong with this world. Whether it’s war, persecution, politics, or people in general, religion has fucked up this world to a degree unimaginable and if I had one wish it would be to have a world with no religion. Would truly be a world of bliss.

    – Justin

    June 22, 2011 at 7:36 pm

  3. The Quintessential’s albums are fun. Music wise, The Quintessential’s are better than 95% of the other punk bands in today’s plastic media driven culture (They can play and very well I might add). Even those who have no understanding of Satanism can enjoy the pure entertainment that only this Horror Punk Band can deliver. I have each release by the Quintessential’s but fail to offer a favorite because each track is just as good as the last.

    Hail The Quintessential’s!

    July 8, 2011 at 3:56 pm

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