Review: Beneath the Cellar – “Taste for the Blade”

  Artist: Beneath the Cellar
  Label: Unsigned
  Track Listing
1. True Hell
2. The Horror
3. Daydream Graveside
4. They Remain Unseen
5. With the Dead We Walk
6. Devour & Console
7. Ali Baba
8. Friend of the Devil (Grateful Dead Cover)
9. Just One Body to Go
10. Nightmare Killing Spree
11. Beneath the Cellar
12. Taste for the Blade

Holy fucking shit!  This album is one of the greatest hidden gems I have ever fallen upon, and I seriously can’t stress that enough!  If I was talking to you face to face I’d be spitting and yelling in your goddamn face about how great this record is, and this is an unsigned band as well.  How the fuck this band is unsigned is beyond me, anyone who has passed on signing this band must have been/is too busy playing with dog turds.  This band’s album, “Taste for the Blade” has been playing non-stop on my iPod since I got the record for a reason.  With my second favorite vocalist after TB on this record, this album surely won’t displease any horror fan.  With epic vocals, GREAT recording (by the way for an unsigned band), awesome guitar, and speed speed speed!  This is the horror-punk I fucking love and have been waiting for, with just the right amount of melodic tunes and punk rock pace mixed together beautifully.  This band hits the nail right on the mark of what real horror-punk should sound like.  I can’t resist re-playing every song on this album before I can go on to the next one, shit I probably play every song about 4 to 5 times before I can let it go and move on to the next one.  I’m even listening to the album now, I can’t resist writing about it and not jamming out to it.

It’s hard to even really think of a band to compare these guys to, which is so awesome.  I mean for a band that is able to keep it’s music so simple and yet so epic while not sounding like every other band is incredibly rare nowadays and something that is beyond awesome and deserves praise.  This album hits you square in the face with, “True Hell” and does not release it’s fangs until the album is finished with the slow and awesome Doo-Wop ballad, “Taste for the Blade” which even then still has that energy from the rest of the album and doesn’t kill the momentum in any way.  With my favorites being, “True Hell”, “They Remain Unseen”, “With the Dead We Walk”, “Taste for the Blade”, “Nightmare Killing Spree”, and “Beneath the Cellar”.  This is one of those classic albums you rarely find nowadays where you can listen to every song and never get bored for a second.  Fuck they even do a Grateful Dead cover and I fucking hate that band, and they’ve been able to make me not stop listening to the song.  In closing this album is a must have for any horror-punk fan or just plain horror fan in general, the music is fucking epic and the speed makes you want to punch someone in the face.  Do yourself a favor and go out and pick up this album immediately!  Lets show these labels that this band deserves the recognition that it has earned.

– Justin (Nosebleed) Stankus


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