Review: Murderland – “Prelude To A Kill”

  Artist: Murderland
  Label: Pirish Records
Track Listing
1. Partner In Crime
2. Fetus Eaters
3. I Created a Monster
4. Video Creep
5. Headcase
6. Vanna White
7. Mortuary
8. 3 Sixes
9. Scum and Villainy
10. 666 Dead End Drive
11. Hacksaw Romance
12. C.C.L.C.S.
13. Vile World

Holy fuck, where the hell do I begin?  I first found this amazing band a couple years ago while searching through new horror-punk bands to check out and stumbled upon Murderland’s debut release and gem, ‘Lights Out” and it was love at first sight/listen.  Basically imagine The Misfits and Coffin Caddies combined to cause an epic big bang, then the Gill Man ate was created of this bang, only to give birth shortly after (lets pretend he’s asexual for a moment) and then Calabrese took care and raised the infant band.  That band would become what you now love, Murderland!  I cannot say anything bad about this band, even if I wanted to.  Seriously, if you think there is some sort of flaw to this group or dislike the band at all, then you deserve to be stranded in the middle of nowhere in a infinite rainstorm of dog piss!

When I first heard, “Prelude to a Kill” I was blown away, I didn’t really know what to expect after the few years that had passed since the release of, “Lights Out”.  Was the Murderland I first heard and loved still gonna be there?  Was it going to stay in the same direction?  Were the lyrics that made every other band seem like a PC band still be around?  These were just some of the questions I had and awesomely, the answer to all these questions were yes!  I love this release for so many reasons, one could be the way the band is able to have that somewhat pop-punk sound yet still keeping it scary and at an epic street punk pace.  I really see the band as the true successors of the sound that The Coffin Caddies created, not being overly melodic and poppy, yet not being too aggressive and raw as well, while being able to mix both styles and create absolute bliss to the ears.  And in my mind this is what a true horror-punk band is and should be, this is horror and fucking punk rock.  Songs with references to cutting off nipples, boners, necrophilia, mutilation, and creating monsters, this album would make Danzig proud!  How could any horror fan not enjoy what this band or album has to bring?  Songs like, “Partner In Crime”, “Headcase” (my favorite by the way), “Video Creep”, “Mortuary”, and “Scum and Villainy” always get me pumped and I can’t help but blast the volume.  In my mind every song is epic and flawless and there was nothing I didn’t like about the album, except maybe the wait.  And when the intro to a album has anything from Ghostbusters, you know it’s going to be a fucking gem!  So if you haven’t already picked up this album then you fucking need to!  Murderland is the shit and so is this album, I hope this review hopefully helps to sway some of you fiends into buying this masterpiece!  Also stay tuned for I will be interviewing Murderland within the coming days, something you don’t want to miss!!!

– Justin Apathy


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