Review: Horrorwood Ending – “Waiting for a Heartbeat”

Artist: Horrorwood Ending
Label: Robot Monster
Track Listing
1. Prologue: Escape
2. Back From Hell
3. Never Die
4. I Was A Teenage Zombie
5. Just Another Nightmare
6. Heres To You
7. Ready To Die
8. The Room
9. Waiting For A Heartbeat
10. From Here To Eternity
11. Code Blue
12. Down By The Cemetery
13. Hells Too Good For Her

Epic, melodic, fast, fun, and horrifically good!  This is just a few of the things I could say about Horrorwood Ending’s long awaited debut album, “Waiting for a Heartbeat”!  Signed by the epic Robot Monster label (which always signs epic horror-punk bands), this album has nothing but good written all over it, and surely wont disappoint.  When an album has been able to push aside Blitzkid’s, Apparitional for top spot on my ipod then you know it’s good.  I can’t say enough good things about this album, it has quite a melodic tone like most horror-punk bands nowadays, yet the band is still able to keep that punk rock speed and sound, especially keeping it somewhat raw in the recording which I love.  Letting you know you’re in for a horror-punk treat this album hooks you in right from the beginning and doesn’t let go until the end.  With sing-along anthems like, “Here’s To You”, “Back From Hell”, and “Ready To Die” it’s hard to put the album down, the icing on the cake for me was the amazing tune, “Waiting for a Heartbeat” I seriously must have re-played this song at least 10 times when I first listened to the album, then I was finally able to move on to the rest of the album.

In closing, “Waiting for a Heartbeat” is a great album and is a must have for any horror-punk or hell, ANY punk fan.  In my opinion there is nothing about this album that I do not like, it is one of those rare gems that are hard to find nowadays were you can listen to every song without hitting “skip” and can replay the album over and over without getting bored.  Fuck, get your friends, grab some beer, buy this album, and get ready for an epic party.  Because this album is going to give you major eargasms and give you that party.  I can’t help but sing out loud whenever I listen to this album, resulting in noise complaints and scaring my dog.  I very much look forward to Horrorwood Ending’s future and what is in store for us musically.  Pick up this album, you wont regret it!

– Justin Apathy


One response

  1. TonyA

    Excellent review! It’s definitely one of my favorite albums now!

    January 25, 2012 at 8:42 pm

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