Paging Dr. Bonzzo

Paging Dr. Bonzzo (The Nightshift)
Kevin Millikin

First off, I want to say thank you for this interview. I have been a huge fan of the band since the release of “Los Muertos” in 2008. Second, I want to give a nod to my favorite Nightshift song and ask: How did you meet Elvis in hell and how is he doing?
He is doing just fine. I’ll bet he is having a drink with Lucifer every day. That song seems to be most peoples favorite song. It’s kinda funny when you think about it because it almost did not make the cut for the album. We had big trouble finding the right sound for that song. But it turned out pretty damn fine.

The Nightshift formed back in 2005 and from the beginning the band was posed to create a horror themed listening experience. What was it that inspired you to perform this genre?
Well, Me and Mr. Frazz played in another band at that time. But when that band fell apart, Mr. Frazz told me he wanted to play Horror-Punk. Honestly I did now know what he was talking about, but I joined him. Lucky for me, horror-punk was just my kind of music. And the genre felt very healthy and growing at that time.

What originally attracted you to horror-punk?
That could be a long and complicated answer. But all that needs to be said is: The Misfits.

Shortly after forming the band begun to record demos (which I have not heard) so I am curious to know how the band has changed and evolved over the last 6 years.
We have evolved over the years, by taking steps into other genres and sounds then punk. We are all big fans of punk. But aside from that we have very different taste in music, so that’s very good when we make music.

Also, does the band have any plans to release your previous demos in the near future so people like me who haven’t heard them before can be granted the pleasure?
The first and only “demo” we did was “Your fiend, our friend” and it will be available for free online along with all our other music, as soon as our website is fixed.

When faced with writing new material, how does the band go about this process?
Plain and simple, someone brings an idea. And then we sit together and put the Nightshift sound on it. We have one unwritten rule when it comes to songwriting: No limitations to genre, sound or style. We will try anything and make a song about what ever, as long as we can be proud of the end result.

Your debut record has released via Dr Cyclops Records to which the band was displeased with the way the label handled the release. Now, I have heard the same from the Zombiesuckers (previously signed to Dr Cyclops Records) if you don’t mind me asking, what exactly went down?
We were promised a lot. Distribution, Shows/tours etc. They failed to deliver on all promises. It took them 2 years to get all our own CDs shipped to us. So it was simply not an option to work with them on another album.

Your latest EP was self-released by the band. Will this mark a change in direction on the next record or will you be seeking out another label for its release?
We will probably look for some kind of a representation. And if we find a deal we like we will probably take it. But we could do it on our own as well. No problem at all.

When can we expect a new record?
Honestly I have no idea. We just replaced our drummer and are rehearsing to get a full live set. But there are new songs in the making and as soon as we feel ready we will start putting them together. We did not get rid of our original drummer, he is the second guitarist now. We have our own studio, so as soon as we are ready we can record. We have recorded and produced both “Los Muertos” and “Devils in the sea, and God in London” ourselves in our studio.

Can you give us any details in regards to it?
More melodies, more genre swapping, and more sing along!

Recently, I interviewed the Zombiesuckers and in all honesty both bands are the extent of my Swedish horror-punk knowledge.  Are there any other bands in Sweden currently playing this genre?
Some years ago there was a bunch of bands. I don’t know anymore. We have the two already mentioned and then The Dead Next Door and The Spookshow, but other then that I not familiar with any more.

I’ve always found your sound to be interesting, with music ranging from acoustic, punk, hardcore and even a hint of metal through in here and there for good measure. Which is a enjoy because it shows that your influences aren’t just limited to punk rock. What are some of these influences that you drew from to create the bands unique sound?
Well our different tastes in music and our writing rules with no limitations to genre and sound makes it easy to try new/different stuff. For me personally, I came from playing both Punk, Death Metal and furious hardcore and I loved it all. So its not hard to incorporate that into my songwriting.

Many of the songs on the record are void of horror movie references. With this in mind, what are some of the films, books or movies that influences you on a daily basis?
I don’t know really, I’m a sucker for Crime novels, that’s kind of lame but I can’t help it. I listen to different music all the time. Right now I listen a lot to Kaizers Orchestra, Opeth and Hoffmaestro. So no punk right now, but I always go back and listen to the classics. Bands like Misfits, The Creepshow, Metallica, Bad Religion or In Flames will make me feel good. Any day of the week.

What can we expect from the Nightshift in the future?
New awesome songs and a lot more shows! Also in the near future all our music ever recorded will be free to download!

In closing, is there anything you would like to add?
Thanks for the interview and the review!

Join us on facebook to get the full free totally awesome download! And check out to download the latest EP!  Rock on! // Dr. Bonzzo


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