Review: The Crimson Ghosts – “Generation Gore”

Artist: The Crimson Ghosts
Label: Fiendforce Records
Track Listing
1. Here They Come
2. Liber Sanguinis
3. Spit Black!
4. Unleashed
5. Dein Nachtmahr
6. Ghastly Ever After
7. Aokigahara (Sea of Trees)
8. The Body Bag
9. Living Carrion
10. The Creature
11. Ophelia’s Song
12. Last Words
13. There Will Be Blood

On “Sharing Prey”, the 2009 published split single with “Die Monster Die”, The Crimson Ghosts gave you a small taste of what was to come with their upcoming release Generation Gore with the song, The Body Bag.  And sure this review is a little late, but it doesn’t matter, not to me at least.  Because, here comes Generation Gore!  Bloodred, crushing, and epic is just some of the things I could say about this band’s fourth output!  Ghoulish fiends rising from the depths of Germany, this album is the definite highlight of their career so far, and the search for their own path through darkness is over ultimately.  Never before has razor sharp riffs and melodies cut into one’s brains like they do on this album!

For anyone who loves The Misfits, which every horror should!  This is a band that deserves a listen, they are very similar to the Misfits “American Psycho” era and have the same type of melody, epic punk rock and lyrics about everything macabre!  This is their fourth full length album and is comparable to previous albums in that it’s the same vibe, but is much more polished and boasts better production then their earlier offerings. Their melodies on the album are great, but not so much that it loses any of its punk rock edge.  Songs like Unleashed, Ghastly Ever After and The Creature are anthems that you will want to listen to over and over again.  This is one of the great fucking things about this album, it is so easy to listen to, and something that never get old. While the formula is nothing new and follows the same direction from start to finish it really works for this type of music. There were a few surprises on this album where they ventured a little off track on songs like Spit Black and The Body Bag, but these were great ventures and the Ghosts pulled them off without a hitch.  Be sure to give this band a shot, and if you do, I would recommend the earlier stuff, but starting off with Generation Gore wouldn’t be bad either.

– Justin Apathy


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