Review: The Nightshift – “Devils in the Sea and God in London”

Artist: The Nightshift
Album: Devils in the Sea and God in London EP
Format: Digital Download
Self-Released / Record Union
1. Scary Harry
2. Broken Down and Strung Out
3. Crazies
4. Let Them Swing
5. Vampdizzy

Swedish horror punk’s the Nightshift has returned with their latest offering, a 5-track EP entitled: ‘Devils in the Sea and God in London.’ It marks the bands first release since their 2008 debut ‘Los Muertos’ (Dr. Cyclops Records) This record is short, sweet and goes straight to the heart and since I enjoyed the hell out of ‘Los Muertos’ I jumped at the chance to review this record. For those of you familiar with their previous work, you know what to expect but for those of you who are still in the blue, this is what you get: Catchy and melodic punk rock with hints of metal, hardcore and rockabilly thrown in here and there for good measure. While not every track is perfect, it’s still goes without saying; these ghouls know how to write some pretty solid songs.

The EP kicks off with ‘Scary Harry,’ a humorous little ditty that touches all of the horror punk bases (B-movie humor, a catchy chorus and a scream worthy sing-along.) The band follows it up smoothly with ‘Broken Down and Strung Out. This song alone is worth getting the record and is a welcome departure from their more familiar territory. Broken down is a heartfelt number, dedicated to those who have stumbled and fallen off the map into harsh times and even harsher addictions. Sadly, the EP wavers a bit around the songs: ‘Crazies‘ and ‘Let Them Swing,’ it certainly bounces right back at us with snapping fangs with the closing number: ‘Vampdizzy,’ which is a dark and playful little love song that could have easily found itself a home on the bands debut release.

‘Devils in the Sea and God in London‘ should definitely find its way into your collection and when it does be sure to nestle it in there between Blitzkid’s ‘Trance of a Stranger’ and Calabrese’s ‘Traveling Vampire Show.’ But if this would be your first introduction the Nightshift, I highly suggest picking up Los Muertos‘ before you give this a listen because it’ll make it that much more enjoyable.

Stream “Lost Muertos” here
Stream “Devils in the Sea and God in London” here



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