Review: Blitzkid – “Apparitional”

Artist: Blitzkid
Album: Apparitional
Format: CD
Label: People Like You

1. Head Over Hills
2. They’re All Dead
3. Blutsauger
4. The Awakening
5. Mr. Sardonicus
6. Mr. Gore
7. The Bat Whispers
8. Wretched
9. The Perfect Sleep
10. Moonlite Veins
11. Cedar Bluff
12. Jane Doe #9
13. Casque Of Amontillado
14. The Iscariot
15. She Won’t Stop Bleeding

Alright so with this review I decided to take a new route and do a track by track review of the album especially with it being Blitzkid and it being their new album!  So let’s begin!

Head Over Hills starts the album off with a harsh kick to the face with a never relenting tidal wave of gang vocals and screams advising us: “Don‘t loose your head!” Drawing on the lore of Washington Irving‘s ‘headless horseman’ before swiftly transitioning into Goolsby’s haunting croon matched with some of Blitzkid’s most brutal drumming and sonically devastating guitar work since the track ‘Demon Machine’ off of 2006’s ‘Five Callers Below.’

They’re All Dead is a ‘too the point’ punk rock anthem with enough strength to make the most jaded zombie fan crack a rotting grin. Following the account of a lone survivor of the zombie apocalypse:  “I used to have a family and I used to have close friends, now my lone companion is his shotgun in my hand.” ‘They’re All Dead,’ is the perfect sound to the latest Permuted Press novel.

Blutsauger (German for Blood-sucker) is a cold, dark introspective track that is much more in the vain of Goolsby’s collaboration with acoustic/goth punk outfit 1476 with the track “Der Vampyr” rather than Blitzkid previous thrash endeavor “Nosferatu” telling the story of a vampire coming to terms with what he has done and all that he has become. While I do enjoy Nosferatu the most out of the three, I rank this song as the second best out of the three and a good solid track.  This is also my favorite song off the album.

The Awakening I know it, you know it. We all know this song well. A while back, when Blitzkid first announced the release of Apparitional, the Awakening was released via the ‘People Like You” website to promote its pending release and served as a worthy teaser for the months building up to its release. The song itself is comprised of all the elements that make a Blitzkid “classic” reminiscent of Mary Shelley’s classic tale.

Mr. Sardonicus the epic scope of this track can easily be summed up in one word: Doyle. Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, legendary muscle bound axe man of Misfits, Gorgeous Frankenstein (who Goolsby spent a stint servicing as both bassist and vocalist for a short while) fame contributed the guitar to the song. ‘Mr. Sardonicus’ is a haunting little ditty that follows the life of the fictional character portrayed in the 1961 film of the same name directed by the great William Castle about: a man whose face becomes frozen in a horrifying grin while robbing his father’s grave to obtain a winning lottery ticket. He tries to force a doctor to cure him, but eventually dies when he can no longer eat or drink. The song itself sounds as though it could have been right at home on their previous record ‘Five Cellars Below,’ and that isn’t a bad thing either!  Though this is a song that makes me miss TB a whole lot, and is a song I would have rather had TB playing guitar to.  It’s still epic though!

Mr. Gore While this song features everything that makes Blitzkid what there are something about Mr. Gore  falls short of what it could have made it a true classic and comes across as generic song by Alkaline Trio and I just can’t put my finger on it as to why because I wanted nothing more than to absolutely love every song on this record but in the end Mr. Gore falls flat and is just one track worth skipping.

The Bat Whispers This track screams classic Goolsby all the way, and easily erases the disappointing sounds of Mr. Gore out of my ears.  Though this is definitely an amazing track with its Goth infused punk rock reminding me 1476 again, there is just something I don’t like about it so much.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely a track you don’t want to skip, I just personally enjoy fast Blitzkid more and I wasn’t able to like this song as much as I wanted to.

Wretched Easily my second favorite song off the album, the song is so good that it always seems shorter than it actually is, causing me to put it on repeat!  I can’t get enough of this song, and it definitely has a feel of Dementia off Five Cellars Bellow to me, but it being the Goolsby version of it instead.  I have nothing bad to say about this song.

The Perfect Sleep This song is mediocre at best in my mind, the guitar in the beginning really annoys me.  Goolsby seems to scream the perfect sleep the entire song and honestly, I think this song was just a filler for the album, I always skip this song.  Though I don’t hate it, I don’t like it either.  I’d suggest staying away from this song though.

Moonlite Veins This is the Blitzkid I love!  Perfect drumming, Goolsby hits this song spot on, and the backing vocals always give me the chills and I find myself constantly repeating the second half the of the song with Goolsby screaming “it’s coursing it’s coursing it’s coursing it’s coursing inside my veins!”.  I can’t get enough.

Cedar Bluff I don’t need to say much about this song, I absolutely love it and have to hold myself back from putting it on repeat while writing this review.

Jane Doe #9 I remember hearing this song when I saw Blitzkid open for the Nekromantix like a year, maybe a year and half ago, I remember it being a lot faster than this version.  But hell, I loved it then and I still love it now, about an unidentified murdered woman hence (Jane Doe).  Rumor has it the song is about a girl Goolsby dated/knew, but that’s something only he will know.  Because I’m not going to ask him if thats true.

Casque Of Amontillado I unfortunately dislike this song very much, it’s annoying and I don’t like it.  If you are a fan of Five Cellars Below and songs like The Torn Prince, Starlite Decay, Terror In The Haunted House of Vanishing Riders then this is right up your alley.  I loved those songs too, but this song just doesn’t seem to have that same feeling and vibe and just doesn’t feel like it should be in this album.

The Iscariot This song isn’t bad and I love it, a nice mellowed out tune to start finishing off the album.  As corny as it sounds this is one of those songs that I blast when the weather nice and want to go for good ole cruise!

She Won’t Stop Bleeding Ending the album on a high note with the high energy punk rock anthem She Won’t Bleeding, when I first heard this song live by Blitzkid on knew it was gonna be on the new album I was so excited and for good reason!  Awesome punk rock chants, fast, great drums, amazing guitar, Goolsby fucking nails it as usual.  Then to finish it off, a very eerie alternate take of Head Over Hills.  I love the piano, and in my mind Goolsby does his best singing to date on this take.  Fantastic.

In closing I have to say that this album is a must for any horror-punk or Blitzkid fan, sure there are a few tracks here and there that I could go without.  But it all really depends and comes down to the listener, for me I grew up with my favorite albums being Terrifying Tales and Let Flowers Die and sure, I loved Five Cellars Below but it definitely wasn’t my favorite album they put out.  What I do love about this album is Blitzkid’s return to their punk roots.  Sure there are still remnants of Five Cellars Below still on the album but it’s not a bad thing.  Because I love everything this band has put out.  So definitely go buy this album, it is a must.

– Justin Apathy


3 responses

  1. Bobby

    I liked Amontillado. It had a ska sound to it.

    April 29, 2011 at 11:17 pm

  2. Hey, I would love to see a similar review for 5 Cellars below. It seems you are not such a big fan of it and it being my favorite album by Blitzkid I would be interested to hear your critique.

    May 2, 2011 at 2:07 pm

    • nosebrah

      Sure man, I’ll do that. I mean I actually love Five Cellars Below as well as Apparitional. Just me personally, I liked the faster older punker stuff they did more.

      – Justin

      May 2, 2011 at 3:54 pm

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