Review: Death of a Demon – “Doomsday Euphoria”

Artist: Death of a Demon
Album: Doomsday Euphoria
Format: CD
Label: Fiendforce Records
Track Listing
1. Belial (Praeludium)
2. The Holy Name
3. Oblivion
4. Second Class God
5. Dominate The Serpent
6. When The World Ends
7. Resigned (to the Devil)
8. Black Eyed Woman
9. St. Georgia
10. Doomsday Euphoria

If you were looking/wondering if there was an album that could possibly rival Blitzkid’s Apparitional, then you found that album in Death of a Demon’s Doomsday Euphoria!  In my opinion this album is definitely in the running for one of best, if not the best horror-punk album of 2011!  I have not anticipated an album this much with the only exception being Blitzkid’s Apparitional, but trust me when I say that the wait was fucking worth it!  In late 2008, Lou, founder and original singer (my favorite one by the way) of the legendary horror-punk band The Spook & frontman of the Punk-a-billy band Heartbreak Engines had decided that the time had come to bring his vision of an uncompromising, heavy horror-punk band to life, and thus Death of a Demon was born!

This new horror-punk monument (featuring ex-members of The Spook & Heartbreak Engines).  The deepest abyss of the human soul, the corroded line between good and evil, the approaching apocalypse!  Death of a Demon deliver the perfect soundtrack to this dark end time scenario.  Musically, there is a deep darkness to be found in these songs, as well as sheer anger and aggression which are strong elements of this band’s sound.  Their music brought to life by mighty riffs, brilliant, straightforward songwriting with fucking balls along with an omnipresent and immense power!  This is a band not to be trifled with.

This album is a must have for any splatter punk, metal head, psycho, or rock-a-billy kid.  With Lou’s punk rock vocals and attitude fused with much more heavy and darker laden riffs there is no question as to why this album did not stop playing on my Ipod for a whole month straight after I received it!  Songs like The Holy Name, Dominate The Serpent, St. Georgia, and Oblivion being my favorites I highly suggest picking up this album immediately!  In closing, I suggest you go grab this album, gather all your friends, buy/steal all the beer you can and prepare for battle!  Because you’re going to be dead or in the hospital by the time you finish this album!

– Justin Apathy


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