Review: B-Movie Monsters – “From The Theater to The Grave”

Artist: B-Movie Monsters
Album: From The Theater To The Grave
Format: CD
Label: Robot Monster

Artist Page on Robot Monster’s website: here



Track listing
01. Michael
02. Return of the Living Dead
03. House on Haunted Hill
04. Salems Lot
05. Zombie a Go Go
06. The Bates Motel
07. 10/31
08. Hollywood Vampires
09. Gypsy Hill
10. Warning
11. I Was A Teenage Frankenstein
12. Corpse Bride
13. My Life Exhumed
14. The Dead Walk
15. The Earth Died Screaming

Alright, so the B-Movie Monsters aren’t the most original band around but what they lack in originality they sure as hell make up for it with their love and  dedication to the horror genre – and it shows with such catchy songs as “I Was a Teenage Frankenstein,” “The Bates Motel,” and “The House on Haunted Hill.”

Don’t get me wrong this record is chock full of B-movie goodness, three cord aggression and enough sound clips to wake the dead (the best of which comes from the Gris Grimley short film ‘Cannibal Flesh Riot!). While the B-Movie Monsters may not offer anything new to the table it’s their obvious love for the genre that makes for one devilish goodtime!

This is one record that comes highly recommended. Especially for fans of early Blitzkid and the obscure Brains! Brains! Brains!



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