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Stephen King’s “IT” Remake Delayed as Director Walks.

Film adaptions of King novel’s have been hit or miss since the publication of Carrie in 1974, with a vast majority of such films falling into the later category. One of which, 1990’s made-for-TV, movie of the week: “IT” has become a cult classic in its own right. Staring the likes of John Ritter and a young Seth Green, it is most memorable for the equally flamboyant-to-malevolent Tim Curry who donned the greasepaint as everyone’s favorite shape shifter, Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

News of a possible remake began to emerge nearly a decade ago as the Hollywood Machine reached its zenith with a nonstop slew of remakes, but as expected nothing hit the proper green light. That was until 2009, when Warner Bros made the official announcement that the killer clown would return. In 2010, horror heavyweight Guillermo del Toro, considered the film (alongside Pet Sematery) as dream projects. At the time, Guillermo was busy trying to get his own adaptation off the ground, this one being HP Lovecraft’s ‘At the Mountains of Madness.’

Fast forward a few more years, Hollywood Reporter broke the news in 2012 that the film would be a 2-part feature. With Part One focusing on the ragtag group of heroes as children with the second feature continuing the story as adults. View Post

This version was to be based on a screenplay by David Kajganich and Chase Palmer—relocating the original plot from the 1950’s to the 1980s and was to be directed by Emmy award winning director, Cary Fukunaga (HBO’s True Detective).

Will Poulter (We’re the Millers) was cast as Pennywise the Clown, with a projected 2016 release.

Today news over the weekend that Fukunaga has bowed out from production following disagreements with the studio. Fukunaga wished to roll cameras this June in NYC—notorious for high production rates. The studio itself likely opted for the safer, tax friendly Canada. The most damning of all was the rumor that New Line (who came on board only a few weeks prior) was not willing to stomach the budget and wanted Cary to condense much of the story down into a single film. A task in and of itself, the 1990 adaptation was carried over two nights and the book along pushing the bar at over a thousand pages.

New Line (recently acquired the film rights) is most likely playing it safe, following the low box office revenue with the release of Poltergeist—another iconic remake whose PR was focused heavily upon the possessed clown doll.

Production is suspended for the unforeseen future.

Empire of the Dead heading to the small screen

(c) Marvel Comics

Welcome to New York City years after the plague has hit.  But just because the Big Apple has been quarantined doesn’t mean that everyone inside is safe!  Flesh-eating zombies roam within the confines of Manhattan…but they’re not the only predator that’s poised and ready to strike!  Who or what is this new menace? – Marvel Comics

After years of false starts and rumors, George A Romero’s own brand of corpses is finally heading to the small screen. Demarest (the production company behind Kevin Smith’s Tusk) announced Thursday at the Cannes Film Festival, the development of George A. Romero’s 15-part Marvel comic book series, “Empire of the Dead.”

Vanity Reports:
The series will be written by Romero and longtime partner Peter Grunwald, and executive produced by Romero and Grunwald with Demarest’s Sam Englebardt and William D. Johnson.

Romero, a man who needs little introduction amongst the horror community, inadvertently unleashed the scourge of zombies upon us with the release of his iconic “…of the Dead” films (Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, & Day of the Dead) and directly inspiring the creation of Robert Kirkman’s “Walking Dead” comics/series.

The question itself could be this: When is enough—enough?

Survival of the Dead was quick to jump on the then up and coming found-footage bandwagon, falling short of the charm that some of these FF-style films hold. The acting was shoddy, effects were uninspired and the camera was too pristine. The intended style worked against it and left the viewer feeling like they were watching a movie rather than a horrific slice of life.

Fast forward a couple of years, Romero’s western, Survival of the Dead continued from the beginning of the end, set on an isolated island, pegging two warring families and heavily laced with clunky humor.

Time will tell how the series will play but with the recent slew of horror projects hitting the small screen, I sense a watered down, over saturation of the market that might be capable of alienating the most hardcore of fans.

What are your thoughts, let us know in the comments.

1476 – “Edgar Allan Poe: A Life Of Hope & Despair”

a4060488405_10Artist: 1476
Album: Edgar Allan Poe: A Life Of Hope & Despair
Label: Seraphim House
Format: Physcial/Digital

Track Listing

1. A Circle Of Hope & Despair
2. Extraction Environs
3. Little Love Voice
4. A Circle Is Eternal
5. Illness Environs
6. Death Environs
7. Gutter Death Posture
8. A Circle Of Guilt & Grief


Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.”

– Edgar Allen Poe

1476 is a New England-based project of Neil DeRosa and Robb Kavjian. Self-described as Hermetic Death Rock, they released their first full-length album, “A Wolf’s Age” in early 2010, an ambitious and heavy indie rock release with hints of death rock, post punk, and shoegaze and released more since. The subject matter courses through occult and mythological themes as well as loves and lives lost.  I don’t consider 1476 to be a horror-punk band or even gothic as their music has evolved and changes so much that I don’t even bother trying to put a label to their sound.  It’s just 1476.

Their newest and upcoming release, “Edgar Allan Poe: A Life Of Hope & Despair” which is released on Oct. 31st is a must for any horror-punk/goth/dark morbid fan.  This album, or “soundtrack” is dedicated to non other than the great Edgar Allen Poe.  Each track has to do with certain events in Poe’s life and it’s something that makes each track special and you can feel the album progresses along.  The album itself is fully instrumental with the with the exception of a spoken portion of, “Deep In Earth” written by Poe in, “Extraction Environs” and some lyrics in, “A Circle Is Eternal”.

Not concentrating on his literary works, the album music aims to explore the melancholic & quaint life, love, and death of Poe and you can feel it as the album goes along.  It’s a very melodic, melancholy, and dark.  An album which upon receiving has had multiple plays on my iPod and is something that you’ll find hard to put down.  That fact that each track has to do with a certain point in Poe’s life is something incredibly special and makes each track that much more powerful.  For example my favorite track, “Little Love Voice” has to do with Poe’s wife Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe.  Edgar and Virginia were first cousins and though most looked at their eventual marriage with disdain, it’s believed their love was pure.  The eventual death of his wife had a substantial effect on Poe, who became despondent and turned to alcohol to cope. Her death are believed to have affected his poetry and prose, where dying young women appear as a frequent motif in his work.  This album exposes that and personally the music is so powerful that you almost feel that this is exactly how Poe felt throughout his life.

If you are a fan of Poe’s work and just into dark stuff this is a must pick up, the whole album being instrumental is a huge plus as I’m a sucker for good instrumentals.  If you haven’t already pre-ordered the album you simply must and if not be sure to pick it up when the album drops this Hallow’s Eve!  You will not be disappointed, this is a phenomenal album and one that I personally believe Poe would be proud to hear.  I hope you all enjoyed the read and be sure to pick this album up, it’s a must.

– Justin

Edgar Allen Poe
(January 19th, 1809 – October 7th, 1849)

Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe
(August 15th, 1822 – January 30th, 1847)

The Theatre Zombies – “In Early Mourning”

10168004_776815382343833_3232095390238792855_n Artist: The Theatre Zombies
 Album: In Early Mourning
 Format: CD/Digital

1. Dorsia
2. Stitch Me Together
3. Bring Me The Bride
4. Riding in Circles
5. Belfry Reverie
6. Zombies!  Whoa oh!
7. Under the Boardwalk
8. Dormant Souls
9. Frozen Heart
10. Dear Christine



I remember first hearing about these guys at GNO ’13 which also happened to be my first time seeing them.  Obviously I had never heard the band before and so I looked them up and I cannot stress how happy I did.  This is a band that ANY horror-punk fan needs to hear and check out.  I have listened to the first two albums to the point I know the whole albums word for word even if it’s not playing.  I received my copy of their newest album, “In Early Mourning” by frontman/guitarist/awesome guy Rob and I’ve been listening to it constantly.  I’ve been listening to The Theatre Zombies for a good while now and every album they put out just keeps getting better and better and you’ll find the same on this album.  I haven’t been disappointed.

I personally think that in given time these guys will get to the top ranks of horror punk.  Songs like Dorsia, Stitch Me Together, Riding In Circles, Belfry Reverie, and Frozen Heart (my favorite) it’s hard to put this album down and I didn’t do so for a very long time.  That being said, all the other songs on this album are great as well, I just find myself listening to these the most.  It’s fast, melodic, cussing, in your face, and straight up horror-punk at its finest.

I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more from The Theatre Zombies in the coming years and I personally cannot wait to see what else they haver in store for us.  I really look forward to seeing them play live again, hopefully GNO 15???  I would love to hear some of these new songs live. I highly suggest and advise any fan of horror punk or just punk rock in general to check out this album and band.  Pick up this album and everything else they’ve put out and add it to your growing collection.

– Justin


Review: Silent Horror – “Silent Horror”

Track Listing10500270_682195735189147_2337034138451104287_n
1. Son of Frankenstein
2. Drink of Your Blood
3. The Tingler
4. Carnival of Souls
5. Violent Side
6. Paranormal
7. Grindhouse Ride
8. Wolfsbane
9. Bride to Be
10. Evil Dead
11. Teenage Homicide
12. Equilibrium
13. Giant Monsters
14. Beware
15. Mr. Brooks
16. Wretched I Am
17. Chainsaw

I will start off by saying that Silent Horror is a band that I am not unfamiliar with.  Hell I loved this band back in the day when James was on vocals and still have all the old Silent Horror material.  Long story short, the band eventually went on to break up and I was left wishing with all my heart that one day this band would get back together, I mean fuck, this was the first horror-punk I found on my own after listening to The Misfits.  That’s right I found these guys before Blitzkid, BEFORE Blitzkid!  If you can believe that, crazy huh?   To see them coming back and to add the infamous Goolsby to take on the reins just adds to the greatness that this band already is. The tunes you all have been waiting so long for are finally here to enjoy!

For a common horror-punk or to the most dedicated, this album is one that you simply cannot pass up as you’ll be regretting it beyond belief when you final do hear it.  For me this is definitely one of the most completely solid albums I have heard in a long time, there is not one song I hate or even dislike and even trying to pick a favorite is almost and utterly impossible, though Teenage Homicide has always butted heads with Violent Side in my mind, but in the end Teenage took the crown.  Upon having early access to the album I found myself listening to this album from beginning to end for an entire month straight.  Goolsby adds a new energy and eeriness to the band that makes listening to these classics again brand new and if you happen to have both the old and new Silent Horror material you’ll find yourself listening to every version and loving how both are such polar opposites and yet so good in their own unique way.

In closing, there really is nothing I can gripe about even if I wanted to.  Silent Horror is and always will be one of my all time favorite bands and to hear all these songs again resurrected and brought to an all new level of glory and decadence and to see that my friend Goolsby has chosen this band to be his new home just makes me that much more exciting to see what else Silent Horror has in store for us.  A 17 song album with classics like, The Tingler, Carnival of Souls, Violent Side, Teenage Homicide, Wretched I Am, Beware, Drink of Your Blood, etc. I would easily pay $20 bucks.  Two thumbs up, five stars, whatever the fuck you want to say.  Brandall, Brent, and Gools, you owe everyone a lot of diapers, a lot after they listened to this glorious release.  Doo wop, baby doo wop, doo wop, baby doo!!  Get it?  Doo doo?

Review: Shadow Windhawk and the Morticians – “Casket Spray”

a2555481194_2 Artist: Shadow Windhawk and the Morticians
 Album: Casket Spray
 Format: Digital/CD
 Label: Black Flame Records

Track Listing

1. Intro: A Return to Necrosis
2. 1428
3. Midian
4. The Marsten House
5. Halloween ’63
6. The Ossuary


You looking for that new horror-punk band that you just quite seem to find?  Well look no further fella, ya found ’em!  Out of the ashes of Salt Lake City rise Shadow Windhawk and the Morticians, a band that will soon put a huge dot on the map and is making their presence known with their awesome debut release, “Casket Spray”.  A band created after Shadow’s departure from the band DieMonsterDie, and a progression from his first solo release, “Tales From the Black Lodge’.  This is a band I highly recommend checking out if you haven’t already.

Being the huge punk rock nerd that I am and having horror-punk holding most of my attention of all the sub-genres within punk I am constantly searching for new music and bands.  Casket Spray was a album I had had of off and on again and when Shadow sent me the album for a review I was blown away.  It truly was a breath of delicious and horrifically good air.  Some amazing and straight to the point horror-punk!  Six songs on one EP, which we all know is always special, every song has your fingers glued to that repeat button.

This as I previously stated is an album I strongly recommend picking up to any punk rock fan, especially if you’re looking for some good horror-punk.  The recording is on point and Shadow having a band with him as opposed to being alone adds that power I have always wanted to hear.  These are all songs that are great tracks and I’m not just saying that for kicks.  These songs have all been extremely well written and make this an album that I wouldn’t write off as just another generic horror-punk album.  Songs like, “Halloween ’63”, “The Ossuary”, and “Midian” are proof of that.  If the chance arises and you find yourself in the position to attain this album.  Do it as it shouldn’t be hard for you seeing as you can find it on iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, Spotify and Amazon.

– Justin

Review: Atrocity Solution – “Lost Remedies”

1377439_10151935520759324_39822568_nTrack Listing
1. The Introduction Pt. 2
2. Equally Diseased
3. Picking Up The Pieces
4. Panic State
5. Let Us Remember
6. Lost Remedy
7. Watch The World Burn
8. Banshee
9. Ancient Roads
10. Withering Away
11. When We’re Dead
12. Take This To Your Grave
13. Well Wish
14. Fallacy Of Ruin

Personally I believe that Atrocity Solution is a band that should need no introduction, whether you’re a metal head, punk rocker, thrasher, or ska dancer these punks from Wausau, Wisconsin blend it all into something ridiculously awesome and special that any of these fans will enjoy.  I remember seeing these guys for the first time in Charlotte, NC back when, “Melodies for a Massacre” had recently come out and was absolutely blown away, I mean seriously, I literally saw this band at that time and even now as the true successors of Chocking Victim/Leftover Crack and that Crack Rock Steady beat they created and taken it to a whole new level.

This record is flawless, from beginning to end, these guys have been working on this album for a long time and and it definitely shows.  When you listen to “Lost Remedies” you’ll realize this wait was well worth it.  This album has been playing constantly since I obtained it and no album or band has been able to touch it or push it off the pedestal that it has definitely earned.  I remember when I was first listened to this album it took me about an entire day to get through because every time a track finished I wound up playing it again, and again, and again until I was ready for a new track, and trust me, you’ll find yourself doing the exact same thing.  The recording is simply amazing and better than any of their previous releases.  All the instruments are on point, the vocals are gnarly and have you the pumping up the volume to 11 (Spinal Tap) and singing along until your throat bleeds.

In closing there’s nothing for me to gripe about.  There is not one thing I dislike about the album, I love every track and I can play this record on repeat, and have been doing so for days.  This band and release have truly pushed the boundaries of where I thought ska punk or crack rock steady could go.  This band has been able, especially with this release to blend everything from classical, punk, metal, thrash, ska, etc. and blend it all together into something that even the most uptight music asshole would and can appreciate.  With instant classics like, “Watch The World Burn”, “Equally Diseased”, “When We’re Dead”, “Panic State” and many more you’ll find yourself coming back to this record every time and all the time.  In my mind this truly is the best album of the year, not even a second thought.  This is literally the greatest album I have heard in ages. If I were to try and condense how I feel about this record in the most simple of explanations, it would be the equivalent of when I first was introduced to the genre of Punk Rock.  Five fucking stars, two thumbs up, a must hear, etc.  Pre-order this album now.  Seriously.  After you finish reading head over to http://interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=216400& or http://atrocitysolution.bigcartel.com/ and pre-order this album.  If not you can pick up the album December 17th when the album drops.  Thanks for reading and remember, pick up this record.

– Justin


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