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Review: Silent Horror – “Silent Horror”

Track Listing10500270_682195735189147_2337034138451104287_n
1. Son of Frankenstein
2. Drink of Your Blood
3. The Tingler
4. Carnival of Souls
5. Violent Side
6. Paranormal
7. Grindhouse Ride
8. Wolfsbane
9. Bride to Be
10. Evil Dead
11. Teenage Homicide
12. Equilibrium
13. Giant Monsters
14. Beware
15. Mr. Brooks
16. Wretched I Am
17. Chainsaw

I will start off by saying that Silent Horror is a band that I am not unfamiliar with.  Hell I loved this band back in the day when James was on vocals and still have all the old Silent Horror material.  Long story short, the band eventually went on to break up and I was left wishing with all my heart that one day this band would get back together, I mean fuck, this was the first horror-punk I found on my own after listening to The Misfits.  That’s right I found these guys before Blitzkid, BEFORE Blitzkid!  If you can believe that, crazy huh?   To see them coming back and to add the infamous Goolsby to take on the reins just adds to the greatness that this band already is. The tunes you all have been waiting so long for are finally here to enjoy!

For a common horror-punk or to the most dedicated, this album is one that you simply cannot pass up as you’ll be regretting it beyond belief when you final do hear it.  For me this is definitely one of the most completely solid albums I have heard in a long time, there is not one song I hate or even dislike and even trying to pick a favorite is almost and utterly impossible, though Teenage Homicide has always butted heads with Violent Side in my mind, but in the end Teenage took the crown.  Upon having early access to the album I found myself listening to this album from beginning to end for an entire month straight.  Goolsby adds a new energy and eeriness to the band that makes listening to these classics again brand new and if you happen to have both the old and new Silent Horror material you’ll find yourself listening to every version and loving how both are such polar opposites and yet so good in their own unique way.

In closing, there really is nothing I can gripe about even if I wanted to.  Silent Horror is and always will be one of my all time favorite bands and to hear all these songs again resurrected and brought to an all new level of glory and decadence and to see that my friend Goolsby has chosen this band to be his new home just makes me that much more exciting to see what else Silent Horror has in store for us.  A 17 song album with classics like, The Tingler, Carnival of Souls, Violent Side, Teenage Homicide, Wretched I Am, Beware, Drink of Your Blood, etc. I would easily pay $20 bucks.  Two thumbs up, five stars, whatever the fuck you want to say.  Brandall, Brent, and Gools, you owe everyone a lot of diapers, a lot after they listened to this glorious release.  Doo wop, baby doo wop, doo wop, baby doo!!  Get it?  Doo doo?

Review: Shadow Windhawk and the Morticians – “Casket Spray”

a2555481194_2 Artist: Shadow Windhawk and the Morticians
 Album: Casket Spray
 Format: Digital/CD
 Label: Black Flame Records

Track Listing

1. Intro: A Return to Necrosis
2. 1428
3. Midian
4. The Marsten House
5. Halloween ’63
6. The Ossuary


You looking for that new horror-punk band that you just quite seem to find?  Well look no further fella, ya found ‘em!  Out of the ashes of Salt Lake City rise Shadow Windhawk and the Morticians, a band that will soon put a huge dot on the map and is making their presence known with their awesome debut release, “Casket Spray”.  A band created after Shadow’s departure from the band DieMonsterDie, and a progression from his first solo release, “Tales From the Black Lodge’.  This is a band I highly recommend checking out if you haven’t already.

Being the huge punk rock nerd that I am and having horror-punk holding most of my attention of all the sub-genres within punk I am constantly searching for new music and bands.  Casket Spray was a album I had had of off and on again and when Shadow sent me the album for a review I was blown away.  It truly was a breath of delicious and horrifically good air.  Some amazing and straight to the point horror-punk!  Six songs on one EP, which we all know is always special, every song has your fingers glued to that repeat button.

This as I previously stated is an album I strongly recommend picking up to any punk rock fan, especially if you’re looking for some good horror-punk.  The recording is on point and Shadow having a band with him as opposed to being alone adds that power I have always wanted to hear.  These are all songs that are great tracks and I’m not just saying that for kicks.  These songs have all been extremely well written and make this an album that I wouldn’t write off as just another generic horror-punk album.  Songs like, “Halloween ’63”, “The Ossuary”, and “Midian” are proof of that.  If the chance arises and you find yourself in the position to attain this album.  Do it as it shouldn’t be hard for you seeing as you can find it on iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, Spotify and Amazon.

- Justin

Review: Atrocity Solution – “Lost Remedies”

1377439_10151935520759324_39822568_nTrack Listing
1. The Introduction Pt. 2
2. Equally Diseased
3. Picking Up The Pieces
4. Panic State
5. Let Us Remember
6. Lost Remedy
7. Watch The World Burn
8. Banshee
9. Ancient Roads
10. Withering Away
11. When We’re Dead
12. Take This To Your Grave
13. Well Wish
14. Fallacy Of Ruin

Personally I believe that Atrocity Solution is a band that should need no introduction, whether you’re a metal head, punk rocker, thrasher, or ska dancer these punks from Wausau, Wisconsin blend it all into something ridiculously awesome and special that any of these fans will enjoy.  I remember seeing these guys for the first time in Charlotte, NC back when, “Melodies for a Massacre” had recently come out and was absolutely blown away, I mean seriously, I literally saw this band at that time and even now as the true successors of Chocking Victim/Leftover Crack and that Crack Rock Steady beat they created and taken it to a whole new level.

This record is flawless, from beginning to end, these guys have been working on this album for a long time and and it definitely shows.  When you listen to “Lost Remedies” you’ll realize this wait was well worth it.  This album has been playing constantly since I obtained it and no album or band has been able to touch it or push it off the pedestal that it has definitely earned.  I remember when I was first listened to this album it took me about an entire day to get through because every time a track finished I wound up playing it again, and again, and again until I was ready for a new track, and trust me, you’ll find yourself doing the exact same thing.  The recording is simply amazing and better than any of their previous releases.  All the instruments are on point, the vocals are gnarly and have you the pumping up the volume to 11 (Spinal Tap) and singing along until your throat bleeds.

In closing there’s nothing for me to gripe about.  There is not one thing I dislike about the album, I love every track and I can play this record on repeat, and have been doing so for days.  This band and release have truly pushed the boundaries of where I thought ska punk or crack rock steady could go.  This band has been able, especially with this release to blend everything from classical, punk, metal, thrash, ska, etc. and blend it all together into something that even the most uptight music asshole would and can appreciate.  With instant classics like, “Watch The World Burn”, “Equally Diseased”, “When We’re Dead”, “Panic State” and many more you’ll find yourself coming back to this record every time and all the time.  In my mind this truly is the best album of the year, not even a second thought.  This is literally the greatest album I have heard in ages. If I were to try and condense how I feel about this record in the most simple of explanations, it would be the equivalent of when I first was introduced to the genre of Punk Rock.  Five fucking stars, two thumbs up, a must hear, etc.  Pre-order this album now.  Seriously.  After you finish reading head over to http://interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=216400& or http://atrocitysolution.bigcartel.com/ and pre-order this album.  If not you can pick up the album December 17th when the album drops.  Thanks for reading and remember, pick up this record.

- Justin

Robby Bloodshed – Vile Carnality

1174949_707113609314982_623378415_nArtist: Robby Bloodshed
Album: Vile Carnality
Label: Unsigned
Format: CD/Digital

Track Listing

1. Withdrawal
2. Infatuation
3. Pest
4. Per Aspera Ad Inferni (Ghost)

Robby Bloodshed is a solo project straight out of a mad laboratory in New Jersey, of course, aren’t they all!?  Robby has been fighting for quite a long time in the horror-punk scene and have accomplished a lot within that time.  Having shared the stage with many recognizable acts such as Joey Belladonna, Agent Orange, The Casualties, Blitzkid, Stellar Corpses, Nim Vind, The Independents, Mister Monster, Michale Graves, Vagora, The Big Bad, Dr. Chud, Sardonica, Darrow Chemical Company, and many more!  As well as already releasing over 4 E.P.’s and two full-lengths this guy is just getting started and at such an early age I see nothing but good and bright things in this guys future.  When we were approached to do a pre-release review of, “Vile Carnality” we were stoked.

In all honesty that’s much to say about it, not that it’s a bad thing because everything and anything I tell you about this release is going to be nothing but good things.  All the songs are amazing, the instruments are clear, solid, and on point, the vocals are great, the recording and production are amazing especially for someone that’s unsigned.  Which reminds me, why is it that this guys isn’t signed yet?  Seriously, if you’re reading this and have a record label, you’d be an idiot not to sign this guy.  My favorite songs off the release being , “Pest” just being so catchy and the guitar is awesome and I love it on this track and I find my finger pressing that repeat button every time it finishes.  Of course there is also my other favorite, Robby’s cover of Ghost’s, “Per Aspera Ad Inferni” I could go over this cover for hours.  I personally feel that Robby stays so true to the song yet at the very same time brings his own style and uniqueness to the song.  I feel that this version has even more power and emotion behind it than the original (yes you read that right).

In closing there’s nothing about this release that I don’t like, everything is solid, all the songs are awesome, the cover is amazing.  If you pre-ordered this E.P. you’re in for a treat as it’s awesome and love at first listen.  If you’ve been debating about it, then I definitely suggest picking it up.  This is a E.P. that you will find yourself coming back to time and time again.  No gripes, this release has got Technicolor Terror’s vote.  Two thumbs up bud.  Awesome E.P.

- TT

Miss Behave!

An interview with Jenny of Miss Behave and the Caretakers
Justin Stankus


Miss Behave and the Caretakers are a band not to be overlooked, with three of the original members of the horror-punk band The Spookshow, they decided to form a new monstrosity together with their caretakers.  A brand new band, a brand new chapter, and a brand new album released this year, this band are now ready to enter the world, and conquer it.  Technicolor Terror is pleased to interview Jenny and add this amazing band to our growing list.  Let’s get to it!

Justin – So could we please start by getting your name and your position as well as everyone else’s position within the band?

Jenny – Miss Behave – lead singer, Mr. Deadbeat – drums and vocals , Von Gravesoil – guitar and vocals , Carol-Anne – bass and vocals, and Candyman – guitar and vocals.

Justin – Jenny can you tell us how Miss Behave and the Caretakers came to be and how all the other band members came together?

Jenny – We had been thinking about starting a new band, ever since we left The Spookshow.  Miss Behave, Deadbeat, and Carol-Anne, we needed two guitarists that were good, psycho and cool to hang out with!  Right away we found Candyman and Von Gravesoil, they fit the band perfectly.

Justin – So how did the name come about?  Is there significance or a story behind the name?  Were there any other names that almost made it and if so would you be willing to share any of them?

Jenny – The first night when we all sat down together we drank a lot of red wine and beer and jammed out on a few songs.  After a couple of hours someone (can’t remember who) came up with the name, Miss Behave & The Caretakers, and that name was a keeper.  Miss Behave is the bloody queen and the rest are caretakers.

Justin – Obviously a horror fan, what about the macabre made you want to start a horror-punk band?  What was your, “horror-defining moment”?  Was it a book, movie, band, comic, etc.?

Jenny – When you’re in a horror-punk band you get a chance to express your most inner feelings.  Also you get a chance to write about all the sick people that are in this world.  My horror defining moment was when I was 6 years old and sneak peaked at Poltergeist.  I was scared as hell for a couple of weeks, but then I started to enjoy the scene :).

Justin – What inspired you to start signing and get involved in music?  When did you realize that this is what you wanted to do for a living?

Jenny – I forced my mom and dad to watch me perform during my entire childhood, so this has always been my dream for a living.

Justin – Vocally, who a your biggest idols, growing up and present?

Jenny – Growing up I listened to bands like: Nofx, Johnny Cash and a lot of ska punk bands.  Present, it’s almost the same, I love that scene and I always will.

1175550_622017014486455_960830391_nJustin – I do hear rumors of a new album in the works.  For our readers and fans would can you spill some guts on the album?  What can fans expect from Miss Behave and the Caretakers?

Jenny – Our debut album, “Daddy’s Freakshow” have a release date in the USA, by the end of October.  Early November it will be hitting Europe.  Our fans can expect one hell of a cool album, with blasting punk rock songs catchy lyrics and a sexy ass band, ready to take over the world.

Justin -Since getting involved with music and being in bands and such what would have to be your all time favorite show at this point?

Jenny – My personal favorite show was at Wave Gothic Treffen in Leipzig, 2003. 600 people in the crowd, all singing our songs.  That was awesome.

Justin – Speaking of shows are there any tours in the works for you guys?  Is there any chance of seeing you all hit the US in the near future?

Jenny – We’re planning a tour in Europe in 2014, and of course we will come to the US.  The sooner the better.

Justin – Do you, or any of your fellow band members have any strange pre-show obsessions?

Jenny – We don’t do any strange things, just put our faces on, have a glass of wine and then we put on one hell of a show.  But maybe in the future, if there’s a DVD, you’ll get a chance to see the inside :).

Justin – Last question when it comes to shows/touring but who are some of your favorite bands to share the stage with?  If given the chance to play with whoever you wanted who would it be?

Jenny – It would be an honour to play with the mighty Misfits of course.  Also bands like Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, etc.  Maybe in the future, who knows?

Justin – If you never got involved in music what do you think you’d be doing?

Jenny – That thought never occurred to me, it’s not an option….

Justin – If someone stumbled upon this page and started reading this interview having no idea who you guys were why would you suggest them checking the band out?

Jenny – Because we are the coolest horror-punk band at the moment.  You would be sorry for the rest of your life if you missed out on this.

998647_622017791153044_432368973_nJustin – Being a part of this band I apologize but this question had to be asked and was inevitable, but what led to you leaving The Spookshow?

Jenny – We got tired of working with complete morons, people who think that a band is 1 or 2 people and acting like nazis, we hated that.  We wanted a band were everyone is equally involved in writing the lyrics, making songs and all the work that come with it.  That would never had worked in The Spookshow, because of the members that we left.

Justin – What can fans of you, and The Spookshow expect from Miss Behave and The Caretakers?  Will this band be a departure and be more serious and be a new chapter for yourself and the band?

Jenny – Definitely it’s a new chapter for us and our fans.  As I said, this is a band, not a solo career.  The songs are better, tougher, catchier and we think that our “old” fans will love us even more this time.

Justin – Jenny, has any of your lyrics ever struck a nerve with friends, family, or loved ones?

Jenny – My daughter thinks that I write weird and scary lyrics, but then she listens to Justin Bieber, so!!!!!

Justin – Since starting out in The Spookshow how do you feel your music has progressed?  Is it what you imagined it would be?

Jenny – Well we were never involved in the making of the songs with The Spookshow.  With Miss Behave & The Caretakers it feels like we are complete as a band.

Justin – What is the best way and place for fans to get a hold of your music and merchandise?

Jenny – Contact Crypt of Blood Records to buy the album.  We will also be on Spotify and iTunes later this year. There will also be a distributor in Europe, just don’t know who yet.  For updates, obviously follow us on Facebook.

ahhh yeahJustin – What are your top 3 horror movies and why?

Jenny – Poltergeist, it was my first…, The Excorsist, it’s sick as hell.  The Omen, scary kids are always a hit.

Justin – Who are your favorite currently active horror-punk bands in the scene right now?

Jenny – The Misfits, they’re back with a vengeance.  Tiger Army and Mad Sin also.

Justin – In closing I sincerely want to thank you Jenny for taking to the time to do this interview with Technicolor Terror.  Is there anything else you would like to add or say to the fans and readers out there?

Jenny – Beware!  Because Miss Behave & The Caretakers are coming to town!!!

- Thanks for reading everyone!

Love Thorns…

An interview with Jason Trioxin of Mister Monster
Justin Stankus


Where to begin with the awesomeness that is Mister Monster?  Well in late 1998, a band was formed that would come to be recognized as one of the bloodiest acts in the underworld of punk rock.  Mister Monster was started by singer/guitarist Jason Trioxin.  The band formed, wrote, recorded, released, and played its first show within a matter of 6 weeks of forming as a band.  Audiences at the 1998 Halloween show were blown away by Mister Monster’s performance, and the band’s first release, “Songs From the Crypt,” sold out its first pressing in a matter of days. Four pressings later, the band was regularly playing New Jersey and New York City, in front of packed houses.  Need I say more?  Of of the greatest bands to bless the horror-punk scene, let’s get this interview started!

Justin – Alright Jason so we’ve already officially met and know each other but for our readers and fans, could I get your name and position within the band?

Jason – Singer and Guitarist for Mister Monster.

Justin – Jason can you tell us how Mister Monster came to life and how all the band members came together?

Jason – Yea I was playing bass in a hardcore/industrial band as well as teching for The Empire Hideous.  I had written a fistfull of new songs and the band I was playing bass for started to go towards that Limp Bizkit Jock Rock shit so I jumped quickly.  I called Mars (From empire Hideous) and Jimmy Skinz (The Bulshaveks) and showed them my demos of Prom Night, Gore Whore, Tina N Freddy, Rat Pack, Nice Night For a Murder, Tina N freddy, Little Frankenstein, and Dead Flesh Gurl.  So we learned the songs and after a few weeks went and recorded, “Songs Form the Crypt” to coincide with our first show.  It was just meant for fun, just as an outlet for these punk songs I wrote.  I never intended for Mister Monster to be the band its become.  The fans did that.

Justin – So I’ve always wondered but how did the name Mister Monster come about?  Is there a story behind the name?  Also were there any other names that almost made the cut and would you be willing to share some of them?

Jason – It just fit, I didn’t know if I was gonna do a solo thing or what, there was just alot of options with that name.  It was easy to understand.  I got it from an old 80’s comic, I’ve come to find that it’s been used a few other times before and after I started the band.

Justin – Obviously a horror fan, what about the horror genre make you want to start a horror-punk band?  What was….how do I say this, your, “horror defining moment”?  Was it a cartoon, band, comic, movie, book, etc.?

Jason – Definitely the old Universal movies. I just liked the romance in all those old movies. Then when I was around 6 years old, my uncle showed me “The Return of the Living Dead” it had just premeired on HBO. I saw my first naked woman and my first brain eating scene all in the same night. Magic.

 Justin – What inspired you to become a musician and pick up the guitar/any other instrument?  Instrumentally who were your biggest idols growing up?

Jason – I started as a drummer, I liked it and picked it up quickly, I was a natural.  But then I wanted to start writing songs, good songs, love songs, angry songs, any emotion.  So When I was around 15, I started playing guitar.  I never tried to become a shredder, just wanted to learn chords, and how to solo like Chuck Berry.  Thats all I needed.  Musically all 50s era Doo-Wop was pummeled into my braing growing up.  It was always on.  On my own, I loved Guns N Roses, The Danzig 3, Ramones, Stray Cats, the Damned.  Also a lot of local bands like The Crypt Keeper 5, The Serpenteens, and The Brickbats.

167728_1696525845868_7422214_nJustin – Mister Monster has been well known for its own take on the horror-punk scene with signature trademark, “Boo-Wop” which in my mind pushed the boundaries of what a horror-punk band could do and something I instantly fell in love with being the doo-wop nerd I am, listening to groups like The Cadillacs, Dion & the Belmonts, The Crests, The Duprees, The Penguins, The Spaniels, etc.  Why is Mister Monster so much more influenced by doo-wopthan most other horror-themed bands?

Jason – I feel that the two blend so well together.  Thank You.  I think because it was just bred into me since I was a kid.  It’s like, you can listen to 25 Doo-Wop songs, figure out the basic sound, and probably write 1 or 2 decent Doo-Wop songs.  But that’s not gonna be your sound.  I never said “Im gonna write a Doo-Wop type song” I just wrote and thats what came out.

Justin – In that same vein if you could tell our readers four bands that they should check out, who would they be?

Jason – I’d say The Brickbats, The Serpenteens, and Crypt Keeper 5.  Those are 3 bands I aspire to be as good as.

Justin – I have heard rumors of a new album in the works, is there any truth to these rumors and anything you can share with us?  What can fans expect of Mister Monster in the future?

Jason – Yea we are always looking to do a new album.  It’s just everyone in Mister Monster has their own band, and another band they’re in.  So it’s tough getting everyone together.  But we will do something as soon as possible.  I’m sick of playing the same songs and I have alot of new ones I wanna get out there.

overJustin – Speaking of albums which release is your favorite and why?  What are your favorite songs to play live?

Jason – I don’t like any of em haha.  I’d say probably “This Night I Call Bad Luck” cause the crowed usually sings it louder than we do.  Also “Prom Night” cause it kinda brings me full circle since that was the 1st song I wrote for this band.

Justin – Jason since starting the band what has been your all time favorite show Mister Monster has been a part of?

Jason – Probably the 10th Anniversaryshow for “Over Your Dead Body”. It was a blessing to see all those people come from all over the world.

Justin – Speaking of shows are there any tours in the works?  Is there any chance of fans seeing Mister Monster invade the rest of the East Coast?

Jason – We definatley want to tour but I refuse to tour without a new album. I dont wanna be a nolstagia act and I dont want people paying their hard earned money to hear the same old songs. Im glad they hung on to us for this long.

Justin – Do you, or any of your fellow band members have any pre-show obsessions?

Jason – Yea but thats for me haha.

Justin –  Last question when it comes to shows/touring but who are some of your favorite bands to share the stage with?  If given the opportunity to play with whoever you so desired active or defective who would it be?

Jason – I would LOVE to tour with Crypt Keeper 5 cause we are all friends and it’d be cool to get to see them every night.

1236171_10201307285697035_2126928866_nJustin – Having been a part of this particular band and having close ties this question was kind of unavoidable.  But how was it for Mister Monster to share the stage one last time with Blitzkid on their last North American show last year?  How do you feel about Blitzkid and what they did/still do for the horror-punk scene?

Jason -An honor. It was bitter-sweet. Im glad we got to play their last US show but it was sad to see them go. They made a mark in this scene that hasnt been made before or since that band started gaining popularity. Theyve always had the talent, but each of their albums is better than the last. Their final album is my favorite. I was blown away by it. And I was honored to have toured with them as well as record an album with them as well. They’ll never be gone.

Justin –  Kind of a random question but if someone come across this interview having no idea of Mister Monster, how would you describe the band?  Why would you suggest people checking you guys out?

Jason – I’d say if you like the Misfits or the Ramones and you like your sad songs fast and your pop songs dark than check us out. We are not doing anything that hasnt been done before, we are just another band you can listen to and get into.

Justin – Jason, has any of your lyrics ever struck a nerve with friends, family, or loved ones?

Jason – Not particularly. Ive had people come up to me and tell me they really related to a certain song and their interpretation of it was totally off, but if they got something out of it and it helped them, than thats good enough for me.

Justin – Now when it comes to horror-punk or horror-rock or whatever people want to call it now, it’s a given that almost every band takes a major influence from The Misfits and in some cases Elvis Presley and rightly so being in a horror themed band, but my question is, if you excluded those two components or even pretend they never existed but that horror-punk still did.  Who would be the biggest influence on Mister Monster?  Who else highly influences you personally and the band?

Jason – Thats a fucking great question. Look Im not going to pretend that we pulled nothing from the misfits, thats ridiculous, my first tattoo was a crimson ghost for fucks sake, but i enever tried to copy them, I just listened to the same bands that Glenn (Danzig) listened to. Thats my advice, if you wanna sound like your favorite band, listen to THEIR favorite band. If you wanna sound like Mister monster, listen to the ramones, doowop and rockabilly, if you wanna sound like Motley Crue, listen to Slade and Sweet, if you wanna sound like Queen, dont even fuckin try it!! But to answer your question its tough but I’d say as long as Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent, and Dion Demucci were alive, we’re all good.

Justin – So I have a question regarding a particular song, may favorite actually known as, “Amy Sue”.  Is there a story behind this song and if so would you be willing to share it?

Jason – It’s not an amazing story.  It’s my “Donna”.  It’s the name of the girl I dated in my later teenage years into my 20s.  It’s an honest song and I think people can hear that.

164184_1696492125025_4153956_nJustin – Give or take the band has been around for almost 15 years now.  But during this time what is the most important thing you have learned personally and what do you think the band as a whole has learned?

Jason – Yea funny you should mention that but if all goes well we will be releasing a 15 year anniversary edition of, “Songs From the Crypt” remastered and on CD for the 1st time.  We will put something up on BooWop.Com when we make an official announcement.  But to answer your question, fans are the most important.  I don’t care if there’s haters but whoever came to see us 10 years ago needs to keep coming to our shows, if I lose them than I’ve done something wrong.  When I see people crying in the audience….theres no drug like it.

Justin – Since starting Mister Monster how do you feel your music has progressed?  Is it what you imagined it would be?

Jason – I think it’s become a little more honest. Less about horror and more about my life.  I was 16/17 when i wrote most of those songs, im 34 and alot of shit has happened to me since then so I started looking more inward for my lyrics.  Not to say I wont still write campy songs.  But there’s alot more personal songs lately.

Justin – What’s the best way/place for fans to get a hold of your music and merchandise?

Jason – Internet of course.  HellsHundred.Com and ITunes

Justin – What are your top 3 horror movies and why?

Jason – Return of the Living Dead.  The Wolfman.  Bride of Frankenstein….They’re all romances.

Justin – Who are favorite and currently active horror punk bands in the scene right now?

Jason – Crypt Keeper 5, The Rosedales, Nim Vind, and The Serpenteens.


Justin –  If I am correct Mister Monster’s performance last year at GNO was the first one in awhile.  What was your reaction?  As I recall it seemed people were about to blow the roof off and at times seemed to have so much energy that at times I forgot that Blitzkid hadn’t even played yet.  What was your reaction and were you expecting it to be as big as it was?

Jason – I mean I knew it was gonna be packed because of Blitzkid but I get chills everytime. I couldnt ask for better fans. It’s not about us, we are all just musicians, it’s about the music, these people are fans of the music, they dont give a fuck who Im dating or anything like that, which is good, they just want more music, bless em.

Justin –  Well that’s all the time we have and in closing I sincerely want to thank you Jason for taking the time to do this interview for Technicolor Terror.  Is there anything you’d like to add or say to the fans?

Jason – I just want to say thank you and we’ll stay in touch!  Thank you to everyone for hanging on to us for over a decade.

- Thanks for reading!

Just Be Still…

An interview with Tracy Byrd of A Gathering of None
Justin Stankus


A Gathering of None is a one man project that is headed by Tracy Byrd (aka TB) that now has turned into a full fledged quintet.  His new project is the result of breaking molds and smashing musical boundaries and escaping the confines of just certain genres and blending them all together to bring something new to the table that everyone will enjoy whether you’re a punk, metal head, stoner, or whatever else, TB with his new band has brought something extremely refreshing.  What is here is the outlet of a musician who wants to do something different and inspiring.  Technicolor Terror has had the chance to chat with TB about his new band.  So let’s start this interview already!

Justin – So Tracy we already know each other but for our fans and readers could I get your name and your position within A Gathering of None?

Tracy – Well, I’m Tracy Byrd (not to be confused with the country singer) or TB if you prefer.  I am the main singer/songwriter in A Gathering of None and one of three guitarists.

Justin – Tracy can you tell us how A Gathering of None came about and how all the current band members came together?  Was this something that was always in the back of your mind or something that has come up more recently?

Tracy – I have wanted to do something a bit more off my beaten path (Blitzkid, Vagora, Automatons) for years now. I have influences all across the board musically, and in early February of 2012, I went and recorded some songs all on my own that I had written that I initially had thought were going to be songs I would use elsewhere, but they were never exactly right for anything else other than what became AGON.  This past November, I put the ball in motion and started working on this as my main outlet.  The “Purging Empty Promises” EP is all just me.  I did everything, the guitars, the bass, all the vocals and drums.  You can tell too, especially the drums!  Haha.  But now, we have a full lineup.  I am joined recently on guitar by Carlos Cofino (aka Loki from Darrow Chemical Company/the Doomsday Prophecy) and Doug Schwenker on bass (Darrow Chemical Company) along with Justin Osburn (guitars) and John K (drums) from Celebrity Sex Scandal and the Bloodfuckers.

Justin – So how did the name come about?  Is there a story behind it?  Were there any other names that almost made the cut and would you mind sharing any of them if there were?

Tracy – No other names except for variations on A Gathering of None that never really clicked or rolled quite well.  An Army of One, but as people probably know, that’s already it’s own thing so that idea had to go, haha.  This is probably the question I get asked the most, especially now that we are a quintet.  People probably wonder how it makes sense, and I can’t blame them.  But initially, the idea for AGON was just to be me, hence a gathering of none.  But now that we are an actual band, I think it implies more that there’s no stylistic boundaries or any specific genre that we could be labelled.  Both good things!

Justin – Obviously the band has many musical influences and you can hear many different genre influences throughout, “Purging Empty Promises”  takes a different approach from past bands you’ve been associated with.  How would you describe your sound and the pros of this change musically for you?

Tracy – I think that everything I’ve done is still in there, you hear  a song like “Just Be Still” and there’s definitely still Blitzkid in there, same with “Pathways” which is more akin to what I feel is a sound Vagora would do great justice with.  My past is what established my songwriting, so bits of that are always going to be in there and that’s perfectly fine with me.  But the newer material I have been writing is a bit heavier, a bit more stoner rock and mid to late 90’s post hardcore (Only Living Witness/Handsome/Quicksand/Helmet) along with the dreampop and melodic punk stuff.  It’s a pro because I feel that we can do whatever we want and have an audience somewhere that’s going to get it.  That is never a bad thing.  And you know what?  Given my past, I have to thank all of the Blitzkid and Vagora fans that currently support this new project.  Those people and that scene have proven to be my biggest supporters and that is awesome and something I will gladly recognize.  Having said that though, we seem to have fans across the board that like alternative, metal, punk, stoner rock.  It’s just amazing the amount of support we have thus far and I can only hope it grows from here.


Justin – What made you want to become a musician and pick up the guitar amongst others?  Instrumentally who were your biggest idols growing up?

Tracy – Honest answer. I bought the cassette “Who Made Who” by AC/DC from my mother’s friend at a yard sale for $1.  After that I was hooked and then I got into bands like Guns N’ Roses, Megadeth, Metallica, and then later stuff like King’s X and Bad Religion.  I was sold from that point on.  Vocally, I take a TON of inspiration from Layne Staley, Jonah Jenkins, Doug Pinnick, Joey Ramone and Zoli Teglas.  Guitar wise, Dave Mustaine from Megadeth, Pepper Keenan, Billy Corgan, Dimebag Darrell, James Hetfield, Brett Guerwitz, Billy Joe Armstrong (his leadwork on those first two Green Day albums is awesome!) and way too many more to mention.

Justin – Now we all know of your debut release, “Purging Empty Promises”.  But is it too soon to ask if there is any new material on the way?  Can we expect a full length anytime in the near future?

Tracy – Not at all.  Immediately after I wrapped mixing on the EP, I started demoing out new stuff.  As of right now, we have 18 songs to choose from for the next release, which will definitely be a full length.  I’m also toying with the idea of putting out another EP first though, because for “Purging Empty Promises” I recorded 8 songs, maybe I will include them on the full length or just do that as a digital only release.  But the next physical thing will definitely be a full length.

 184371_212758075535316_40704422_nJustin  – What is your favorite song off, “Purging Empty Promises”?  What makes it your favorite off the release?

Tracy – I think my favorite song would be “Pathways” because it’s a very heavy song with it’s subject matter.  It’s about lost relationships with people over the years because you know you fucked up and did alotta wrong instead of alotta right.  Not only that but it was basically the first song I wrote for AGON.  The opening two lines “Just turned 35, and it’s been about nine days” are absolutely true.  I started writing that song nine days after my 35th birthday.  So it’s special to me for those reasons.  That song’s end gives you a choice, in the line “Search your heart today, which way will you go?” ya know?  You can either keep screwing up and not learning from your past mistakes, or you can try to right yourself for yourself.

Justin – So I understand A Gathering of None will be embarking on a mini north east tour this September.  Are there any other and bigger tours in the works?  Is this a band that people will expect to be touring a lot?

Tracy – I am not even going to go into the laundry list of reasons why I refuse to call four shows a tour but yes. haha We will be doing some dates in the northeast in September that I am VERY excited and nervous about. This is the first time I’ve ever been onstage without a guitar strapped to me the whole time EVER.  Myself I am Massachusetts, Doug and Carlos are in NJ and Justin and John are based in San Antonio, so right now, I think the goal of playing 20 to 30 times a year is more than reasonable provided everyone can afford to travel and meet up and has the time from work and their other projects. But no, we won’t be touring alot. AGON was never intended to be a full time touring entity, but you will see us out there from time to time. Doing limited shows just makes it more special for fans of our music in my opinion.

Justin – When it comes to touring and shows who are some of your favorite bands to share the stage with?  If given the chance to play with whoever you so desired who would they be?

Tracy – Man, The Cryptkeeper Five hands down will always and forever be my favorite band to play with.  I also like Pollock from Buffalo, Birds In Paintings Can’t Fly, and Black Pharaoh.

Justin – Do you or any of your current band mates have any weird pre-show obsessions?

Tracy – I’m not sure of the other guys, but I know I do, absolutely, haha I don’t like to eat too close to showtime, that’s always a bummer once you get up there and go “Man, that Taco Bell wasn’t a good idea an hour before going on” ya know?  When you are out there doing shows, it is a fight or flight situation when it comes to finding the time to grab some food, and sometimes you just have to go up there with it sitting like a brick.  So that’s one, I also like to find a corner somewhere alone, and just sit and do some vocal warmups or some stretching and at least one beer.

Justin – If someone stumbled upon this site and spotted this interview not having any idea who A Gathering of None was how would you describe the band?  Why would you suggest people check out your music?

Tracy – I would describe the band as soulful nuanced rock n’ roll with elements of melodic punk, post hardcore, 90’s alternative, stoner rock and metal.  And I would suggest people check out our music because we have something for everyone that is into ANY harder edged music.

Justin – Tracy, has any of your lyrics ever struck a nerve with friends, family, or loved ones?

I have had people tell me recently, that songs like “Just Be Still” and “Pathways” have really helped them out through some hard times or that they were inspired by the words in some way. That is a great gift to get from something you wrote to help yourself get some emotions out. The fact that ANY words I might write could help someone else or strike a chord with them is phenomenal. It’s one of the best things about connecting people through music. If it’s relatable, and it moves others as it did you? Then that’s a great feeling, and nothing else compares to it.

65313_173550049456119_224635545_nJustin – Give or take you have been involved and making music for more than 14 years now.  During this time what is the most important thing you have learned personally?  How do feel all this experience has helped you musically and as a musician?

Tracy – Do what you truly want to do and be honest about it and make yourself happy.  It’s helped me because you learn as you go not what to do, sometimes at heavy costs, but you have to do what is best for you in the end.

Justin  – What’s the best way/place for fans to get a hold of your music and merchandise?

Tracy – We don’t have an official website just yet, which will soon change.  For now though the best way to get in touch with us is via our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/AGatheringofNone or http://www.reverbnation.com/agatheringofnone
and we have our own merch store over at http://agatheringofnone.bigcartel.com

Justin – In closing I sincerely want to thank you Tracy for taking the time to do this interview with Technicolor Terror!  Is there anything you would like to add or say to the fans?

Tracy – I just want to thank you personally for doing this with me, and I also want to thank anyone and everyone who has supported, is still supporting or will support what I do with A Gathering of None. All of it means a great deal to me and is still mindblowing. More stuff from us in the future I promise.

- Thanks for reading everyone!


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